Friday, September 9, 2011

This is You, America

This photo was taken in London during the looting. A looter approached a man traveling home from work and demanded first his shirt, then his shoes, and then ultimately his pants. The looter would not be content with anything less than the abject humiliation of his victim.

I'm going to try not to be too hard on the victim here. After all, there might be 300 other surly hulking brutes just out of the camera frame and this was clearly the only way he was going to get home alive, sans dignity.

But try and think for a moment about how bad the situation would have to be before you're going to willingly give up your clothes to an unarmed stranger. Or even an armed stranger. The State already forced the citizen to give up his guns, so that when it came down to the looting hordes going on a rampage, it was simply a matter of force. And in that conflict, the big guy clearly has an advantage over the little guy, and the fast guy has an advantage over the slow guy, and the young guy has an advantage over the old guy, and so forth and so on. That should be a warning to Americans NOT to give up their guns.

Because under the hood in any civilized country there is a seething engine of discontent. It's what drives politics in the Western world. Listen to Obama for five seconds and you'll hear it: "Gimme mine." Listen to the Republican candidate whine for five more seconds and you'll hear it: "Gimme back mine."

I want to hear a candidate say: "It's mine, the Constitution says so, and I'll KILL you if you try to take it." I'd vote for that candidate. Ron Paul comes close, but his tact is clearly not working. Reason and logic do not work when 80% of the public (all but you and me, friends) have been dumbed down into mental children by the public education system. Ironically, the system that's in the control of the previous two groups.

Many of you have seen recently how simple WORDS forced otherwise stalwart defenders to capitulate. When the knives come out and we're cornered on the street and the enemy demands our pants, do you think they're going to stand by your side? Because behind the soft weasel words of the liberal lurks the hulking menace who wants your pants. You'll be LUCKY if he just wants your pants.

It's time to learn to shoot. It's time to carry a gun, even if you have to do it illegally. It's time to carry a knife. It's time to learn how to use these tools to keep your damn pants.


Sonshine said...

If they took my clothes they'd get a scare of their own. :)

Patrice said...

LOL Sonshine!!!!