Sunday, October 9, 2011

Advantages to the Desert Life

One of the boosts you get from living in the southwest is that everything lasts longer. There's less moisture in the air, so mold and mildew isn't as much of a problem. Building materials also survive well since they're only exposed to heat and sun and not constant extremes.

Most of all I like the fact that engines and automotive equipment last longer. They don't salt the roads in winter so your vehicle won't rust out from beneath you. Compare a northern vehicle with a southern one and you'll see what I mean. You can just about poke your finger through the rusted out fenders of my truck. This is one of the reasons why in the south you see many more older vehicles as a matter of course.

Also, with less water vapor in the air, engines that are forced to run the hellish mixture of gasoline and ethanol have a slightly better survivability. Ethanol has a lot of alcohol in it which attracts water. So you end up with water in your gasoline which ultimately will separate and cause engine damage. The drier the air, the less this impacts you and the longer your engine lasts between repairs.

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Kmac said...

DH says that we only have 2 seasons...summer and the wet season LOL