Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Cleaning Continues

House cleaning has suffered this past year, there's no doubt about it. It's been a tough year, with such joy, and such grief, that it was often hard to contain the emotion.

I'm not too hard on myself about doing the bare minimum this past year. Being pregnant at 40 is much harder than being pregnant at 25. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that it's more exhausting. For that reason, I slept through a large portion of this last year.

Just when I hit the third trimester, when women typically regain some energy, my brother died. I can't even begin to explain that kind of grief. I can only hope you haven't experienced it yourself, though I guess all who love will eventually. In any case, this sent me back to bed as I slept and mourned and finished growing a baby.

Then our beautiful baby girl entered the world, and she's been quite the little handful.

So no, I'm not at all hard on myself when I realize that some tasks may not have been performed as often or as well as they should have been performed this year. I just move forward, taking care of tasks which are long overdue and others which need to be done before the move. One of yesterday's tasks fit both categories--cleaning out the freezer.

No, I'm not hard on myself about this last year. Still, there's really no excuse for the ham that had been sitting in the freezer since 2008.


Kmac said...

You did the most important kept your family alive and grew a baby!!

Amanda Becker said...

Bless your heart- I will be 40 this yr and the thought of becoming pregnant wants to make me take a nap- and I love my brother something fierce- I can not imagine what you went thru- You are smart to go easy on your self- I wish I lived closer- I would help you- for nothing- just the joy of seeing a little girl LOL- since I have nothing but boys!

Patrice said...

You've been doing a good job of keeping your family functioning during some especially trying emotional times. Just pick yourself back up and get moving onto the next chapter in your family's lives.

Pregnant at 40, no thanks. ;) With all my health problems I feel like I'm pregnant at 45, exhausted all the time like you were. Don't fret over the small stuff you can only get done what your body will allow. Sometimes we have to alter our ideas of how we "think" we should be living to fit the actual situation. Maybe lower your standards for you housework until you have feel better or better yet have the children pitch in. It will all get done eventually. ;)

As far as the grief, been there done that with the passing of my brother, so I can fully relate. Time will heal the hurt. You'll always have the memories to keep him close to your heart.

Bluesgal said...

Moving is for cleaning out the "stuff" that got forgotten about. Don't be hard on yourself..The best we can do is the best we can do.