Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Article of the Year

Denninger nails it with this one. This is worth checking just to make sure you understand the financial concept of leverage. And then to read it to your children to make sure THEY understand.

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suvalley said...

Funny how many people do know this to some degree, but have not thought through to the conclusion reached in this article.

I was furious over the "too big to fail" line, and still am. Those companies....all of them....can go bankrupt as far as I can concerned.

Like I said way back, if they had wanted to fix the economy and insisted on using gov "funds" to do it, they'd have been better off to hand $250,000 to every adult American. No strings, just go out and spend it, lol

Never mind the voice behind the curtain that is our insurmountable public debt!