Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6th Bunker Index - Sprouting Seeds

Tensions are just growing higher with the Occupy Wall Street protests. I ask you this: How do you see this ending? Do you think the bankers and their government cronies are just going to capitulate because a bunch of hippes camped out in a nearby park? Do you think the city of New York is going to continue to maintain an expensive police presence indefinitely or do you think they're going to go in and clean those people out violently before they bankrupt themselves? How do you see this ending?

Do you want to hurt the banks? Withdraw your money. Invest in gold or silver instead. Pay cash instead of using credit and debit cards. Never buy on credit. That hurts banks. Sitting in a park and eating vegetarian falafel doesn't hurt the banks.

Revolution can be a personal and individual choice.

1. There is a secret panel which can place American citizens on a "kill" or "capture" list. No oversight. No appeal. How long before they aren't just discussing Muslim citizens but are discussing people who read and write blogs that aren't favorable to the administration?

2. Harry Reid, while pushing for Obama's job bill, argued that even the Tea Party supports his proposal. He stated that more than 50 percent of the Tea Party and about 75 percent of other people in America agree that we should make people who earn more than a million dollars a year pay 5 percent more in taxes. Do you think this lying fraud REALLY consulted the Tea Party?

3. The New York protests are continuing to swell with unions coming in and filling their ranks. The SEIU has been mobilized and is out in force.

4. Internal warfare in the Amish community? This one is just too strange. There have been multiple incidents of large groups of Amish men bursting into homes and cutting off the hair and beards of the occupants. The Amish communities are close-knit and so we aren't getting good info on this, but it seems pretty bizarre.

5.  In Europe, bank bailouts have started with a giant French bank called "Dexia". The European governnment is trying desperately to stop the bleeding, but failing.

6. In advance of the coming Republican National Convention, Tampa Bay is considering adding surveillance drones to its arsenal of cameras and surveillance equipment.


TNWoodwright said...

Have you read where Oath Keepers and Fed UP America are throwing in with the OWS and unions. Things are looking to get really ugly IMHO

Ernest said...

I had not heard that. I'm familiar with the Oath Keepers but not the Fed Up folks.

Where'd you hear this?

TNWoodwright said...

Picka Steph at ticker, She is sponsored by Karl there. She is on the Ows side

Im essentially done with HT after today. May go dark or lurk

OD from HT said...

#4 just proves there are radicals in every faith. Better warn DH....we don't live to far from there, lol. If he falls asleep while deer hunting, things could get interesting.