Thursday, October 13, 2011

BREAKING: Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr Urges Obama to Declare State of Emergency

This two-bit race pimp, the son of a two-bit race pimp, told the Dailycaller that the refusal to pass Obama's jobs bill was akin to the Confederate States rising in rebellion.

The same guy who once told us that an iPhone was a fundamental right provided by the Constitution, now is urging Obama to declare a national emergency and take "extra-constitutional action" without the approval of Congress. What's he wanting? He calls for full government employment of the 15 million unemployed.

Did Jesse Jackson send his son to a special stupid school, or is this weapons-grade idiocy genetically linked?


InvalidID said...

Yeah, I figured we'd see this crap soon. The OWS folks didn't get violent as was hoped, but guys like this aren't free thinking enough to change the time table, or adapt...

I suppose that's a good thing though. To use a football metaphor, he's a rookie lineman and he can't hide the blitz.

Walt N Carol said...

Aw shucks, what's another $804 billion added to the pot. Let's not consider that some of those 15 million people have never even HELD a job. Let's not consider that a large majority of those 15 million who HAVE held a job didn't make more than minimum wage. Heck, let's just give everyone $40,000 a year. Even though that's more than I make in a year driving a truck ..
/end sarcasm

Obama is already looking for a way to do things in an "extra-constitutional" way ... Jackson is pandering to Obama's desires.