Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13th Bunker Index - Corrupt or Incompetent - You decide

It's full steam ahead as we're headed for the reef. I can't determine whether the Obama administration is criminally corrupt or criminally incompetent as I watch their statements and actions unveiled before us. I do believe that Obama, Eric Holder, and most everyone else there needs to spend the rest of their lives in jail over schemes like Fast and Furious and then the Solyndra corruption. This administration has actually turned out to be something FAR WORSE than the previous one, which makes me fear for what might come next. I don't like Herman Cain or Rick Perry and I think Romney is just another globalist puppet. We're in for stormy weather.

Freedom is dead. This week I've watched people argue in SUPPORT OF a Wisconsin judge who ruled that people don't have the right to eat what they grow or raise (a judge who coincidentally just resigned and went to work for one of Monsanto's legal firms) and watched others support a Lousianna ban on cash transactions between private individuals. The ship of liberty has foundered and at this point it's every man for himself.

1. The number of homes that received a first-time default notice during the July to September quarter increased 14% compared to last quarter. This signals a sharp rise in foreclosures as the banks come down hard on borrowers who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. More banks are kicking people  out of homes and at a faster rate, despite the fact the homes are taking longer to be sold by the lenders.

2. Unemployment unmbers rose above 400,000 again. It's a vicious cycle. The businesses blame the lack of consumer spending for the layoffs, but the people aren't spending because they're afraid of being laid off (or they already have been!)

3. The Obama administration is ramping up rhetoric for a war against Iran. A terror plot was thwarted by the FBI and they ironically released information about it on the same day that Rep. Issa issued a subpoena for AG Eric Holder, despite the fact that Obama was briefed about the plot back in June. They are claiming that Iran sponsored this act of terrorism but Iran denies it. I'm torn between having to trust my own government or that of Iran. Tough choice.

4. Vice-president Biden warns of more rapes and murders if the jobs bill isn't passed. Really, Joe? How do you know this? Are you somehow behind it?

5. Senator McCain, the disgrace from Arizona, says he sympathizes with Wall Street Occupiers. He says it's disgraceful that we took care of financial institutions and we did nothing about the housing crisis. Hey, chucklehead ... if that's the case ... why did YOU vote to give $700 billion to the banks?

6. Obama played the race card yet again (this is news?) Apparently he's the only one in politics who wants non-white people to succeed.

7. Will kill for iPad. This article details young mercenary soldiers in Russia who enlist in private armies for 500 rubles and an iPad. While they are no danger to us in the United States (yet), I include this to show how in a failed state how CHEAPLY armed muscle can be bought. The weapons these future thugs will use against the populace cost more than they did.

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