Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Ceremonial Cleaning of the Blogroll

Does anyone even pay attention to blogrolls? I don't normally but for some reason I included one here.

I removed one of the links earlier today and replaced it with another. I guess I can't really go removing people from my blogroll simply because they say something I don't agree with, otherwise it would be a constant frenzy of change, but every now and then there comes a time when I have to admit that my opinions have become far divorced from those of the person I'm linking to.

In this case, the de-linked personage has just tipped over the edge by gleefully supporting the Obama administration's assassination of an American citizen. Now I'm pretty sure that Awlaki is indeed a Muslim terrorist and has helped to plan and perpetrate a large number of attacks against us. BUT, the Constitution is pretty clear in that there are no crimes for which due process may be suspended. EVERYONE gets their day in court. Even if they are committing treason. Perhaps ESPECIALLY if they are committing treason. Our founding fathers held treason near and dear to their hearts as they knew firsthand how a government could stretch the crime of treason to cover anyone who stood up against injustice.

So when in the same diatribe you both call the Obama administration a bunch of criminal liars but then go on to support their murder of someone based solely on statements the same liars have presented then I have no choice but to call out the paradox. I also can't point to that person's other statements and information and pretend to exclude the one statement as a single instance of bad judgement.

The rah-rah, go-team spirit of perpetual warfare against "terror" has severely infected the patriot movement and split us at every crack and seam. Just as I suppose it was intended to do.

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Freeholder said...

Should the American government be assassinating ANYONE?!? That just seems to me to be against everything this country once stood for!

But you are right -- even the worst criminal deserves his or her day in court -- and they deserve a fair and just court.