Saturday, October 1, 2011

NYPD Advises Women Not to Wear Skirts Because Rapist is on the Loose

As irritating as this article is, the comment section is even worse.

A handful of commenters advocate that the women should be arming themselves and then the usual idiocy from the liberals comes in and says that guns aren't the answer.

How stupid is that? Of COURSE guns are the answer. Knives might be the answer to. The possibility of receiving a sucking chest wound and bleeding out in a dirty alley somewhere tends to discourage rapists, no matter what the woman is wearing. Having 6" of knife-quality stainless steel inserted into your abdomen and then crawilng away while holding your guts inside also tends to discourage rapists.

The police can't/won't protect you. Every time a woman is raped their first cry is that they need more money or more cops on the street in order to prevent it ... which they seem to have a vested interest in not doing. You can't drive 20 miles down a highway in any state without seeing 12 "law enforcement" officers but go into a bad part of town at night and see how many you spot. They're too busy extorting more revenue from the citizenry to actually prevent crime.

The time is coming when you'd better arm yourself if you go out in public, whether the "law enforcers" allow you to do so or not.


Bluesgal said...

Unfortunately law enforcement does not prevent crime.. they "clean up" after it.

Trisha in WA said...

As a woman who prefers to dress like a woman, I think I would feel harassed by the cops in this case. My skirts aren't short, and maybe that's what the cops...err I mean rapists are targeting.
A false pocket in the skirt with a knife on the thigh would be a good weapon of choice for those who aren't comfortable or interested in carrying a gun. Just a thought.