Friday, October 14, 2011

CROSSPOSTED: What Will You Do?

So many people have already forgotten how the "Arab Spring" went down.

The Muslim Brotherhood started it. Through skillful propaganda manueverings, they filled up the streets with a huge number of supporters who not only weren't part of the Muslim Brotherhood but also didn't even LIKE the Muslim Brotherhood. They simply wanted democracy.

What happened as soon as the government fell? The Muslim Brotherhood pushed out all the other factions (in some cases with violence) and took over. They were the only ones in place and ready because they had staged it all from the beginning.

The OWS movement started as a communist movement. There is a hardcore element of communists there still organizing and providing logistical support. Yes, there are hundreds of other people elsewhere protesting who aren't communists and who don't even LIKE the communists, but this IS a communist-led movement. If it plays out to its conclusion, the communists are going to attempt to seize control when the mayhem is sorted out and the blood in the streets is hosed into the gutter. Where will all of us libertarians, Christians, Tea Party Conservatives, and liberty-minded free-thinkers find ourself when the communists move in to seize control in the void they have created?

To the question of whether or not violence will be needed, of COURSE it will be needed. Why would any reasonably educated human being think otherwise? The bankers and corrupt politicians are snug in their beds each night while the protestors sleep on cold concrete and wait for the New York winter to give them frostbite and pneumonia. Half of America is watching on television and cheering for the jackboots to "hit 'em again!" Political systems don't change just by thinking happy thoughts. Not here in the real world.
The movement has gained traction and won't be stopped. When Bloomberg's thugs-in-uniform move in and start cracking skulls then it will simply provoke a causus belli amongst Americans that will give the communist-led movement the steam it needs to affect real change.

The question is ... what are YOU going to do when it's over? You're the kulaks that the communists despise. Right now they've got the 1% to deal with, but they'll continue to slice and dice this wealth issue until YOU'RE the one in their crosshairs. Eventually a mob will form outside YOUR door and demand that you give up some of your dried beans because THEIR children are hungry. What will you do then?

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