Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14th Bunker Index - Doom is Bad for the Nerves

One of my young chickens had an unlucky day. I went outside just in time to see her being carried away by a hawk. Seems like a perfect ending to this week.

We were supposed to be closing on the property in Texas today, but the title company is slow. Now they're saying it may not be until the middle of next week. Patience is not my strong suit and this could give the seller the opportunity to back out of the deal. We're under contract and the realtor told me we could sue if that happened, but I don't know how that would solve anything for us. There's no real damages done other than some lost time. I would need to take yet another trip down to the area and look at property (which is time consuming and not-cheap) but most of the work we've done for moving isn't lost. It's just frustrating having to deal with nonsense in what should be basically a cash transaction between two private individuals.

I'm suffering from a level of doom fatigue today. My doom meter has been pegged all week but yet things are still at their normal rate of downward spiral. There's not even a lot of relevant news stories today. Time to go deep for the weekend, work on some knives I've got backlogged, and read my bible. I hope you get to do something similar and that your weekend is good!

1. In New York, Mayor Bloomberg has apparently caved on his instructions that the protestors be forcibly evicted, but violence between the protestors and the NYPD broke out anyway. I'm not a fan of the jackbooted thugs in NYPD but this is a lose-lose for them. Bloomberg is an idiot. He keeps mobilizing them and then making them stand down. What kind of leadership is that? Sooner or later the two sides are going to clash.

2. In Denver, the protestors are indeed being cleared off the streets by the Denver PD. Denver seems to be working hard to prevent the protestors from becoming entrenched as they did in NY.

3. Having given up the lie that his administration has saved or created jobs, Obama now switches to claiming he "supported jobs". Do you still have a job? Obama claims he helped you keep it.

4. Over the last weekend, $56 billion in US Treasuries were sold off. We don't know which foreign country did it, but many folks suspect China. The Chinese are just about to go to war with us over a new Senate proposal which they claim equals a trade war. The mainstream news seems too focused on the OWS to pay attention to what is about to become World War III.


Bluesgal said...

The gloom and doom to an extreme you feel is because things by you are unsettled. Until you are moved, I think you'll be "anxious". Take solace in that you are doing everything you can to move towards your goal, the rest is out of your hands....

We've seen the "script" for what comes next and have done what we can, it is largely out of our hands.. Keep focused on your journey.

Ernest said...

Wise advice. Thank you.

I talked to the realtor this morning and the "backup offer" the seller received was for a lot lower than mine and he didn't accept it, so the seller is a lot more worried about the deal falling apart than I am. The realtor just faxed me the paperwork to extend the contract and I'm going to print it out and run into town and fax it off so we'll still be under contract.

Baby steps.

Bluesgal said...

That's good. How much more tie did they want?? If it's 10 days or less, no brainer, sign it back. Fingers crossed for you guys.

Patrice said...

I'll be praying for your closing to come quickly. I know how hard it is to wait while someone/something extends the closing of property you so badly want to get moved onto, BTDT.