Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Economic War of Attrition

So far, in overtime and additional costs, it is estimated that the Occupy Wall Street protests have cost the NYPD something exceeding $1 million. While meanwhile, the overall investment from protestors is estimated at less than $50k.

If you think about warfare in purely economic terms, this is a WIN for Team Anarchy. Now I'm not really on the side of the protestors here as some of their demands are pretty far out there. But there's like 50 factions represented in the protests and the one theme they all have in common is that they all hate Wall Street and the stranglehold the banks have on our political system.

I can get behind that concept, but I really think all they need to do to fix it is put some of that energy towards electing Ron Paul. (Which will never happen. There are too many leftists in the protest who want the free government stuff that Ron Paul will never support.)

But getting back to the economic war of attrition of these protests, these guys are WINNING. In financial terms, they're beating the pants off of the city of New York. If they sit there peacefully long enough, the NYPD will bankrupt New York with all the cops watching them. Bloomberg might have to dip into his own pockets to pay cops.

Now reflect on how this could be used by honest patriots instead of tie-dyed, dirty hippies.

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