Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to Crazyville - Have you seen our brochure?

This is the blog of Elisheva, one of my wife's homeschooling friends.
Read the entry and then check out this statement:

I do not know where this year will take me, and all of us. I know that great and awesome deeds are in the offing. War against Israel, thus far covert, will almost certainly become overt. World economies stand on the brink of destruction. To bring something good out of all of this at the end, to cherish and preserve the value of the individual, the preciousness of liberty and the goodness of life will take all of the courage and strength we can muster. And it seems more and more certain that if we do not choose now, speak now, our silence will rise up and speak against us. As small and weak and unworthy as each one of us may feel, we still are called to stand in breech and raise our voices.

Powerful stuff. And then take note that the beautiful Elisheva is one of the normal people. She's not a bat-crap crazy survivalist like me. She's not an extremist. She lives in Normalburg, not on the outskirts of Crazyville like me and my wife (and all of my closest friends). Heck, who am I kidding ... I'm the MAYOR of Crazyville.

So she's smart and she gets it but isn't really as out there as I am. She's certainly closer to Crazyville than she is to the Sheeple pens but that's by nature of her intelligence and her Jewish identity, I think. She's part of the awakened masses who aren't yet committed but are coming around fast. And they're not going to be on the side of evil.

Elisheva, if things go nutso here like they did in Germany circa 1930, you and your family will not only always have a basement to hide in, but we'll arm you as well.

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Blue Duck said...

Dear Mayor....

Since yer self appointed head of crazyville, the streets are filled with potholes and the sewer is backed up..... you need to send in the clowns who fix it cause if ya dont someone is gonna replace you who will send them in...... oh and please lower my taxes for living here with ya while yer at it....