Monday, October 3, 2011

Frost Kill - The Garden End

Well, I went out and picked 2 cabbages for dinner. They're on the smallish side and I'm betting they aren't stellar. There may be some "volunteer protein" inside there as well, based on the holes at surface level. Looks like there's about 3 more small cabbages left.

Squash and zucchini did very well this year. Well enough that at a certain point we got so sick of eating them that we pretended the plants no longer existed. We ignored them and let them grow giant mega-veggies. There's a zucchini out there in the garden right now that looks like a watermelon. I'll bust it open later this week and feed it to the chickens. I managed to pick enough newer veggies from the plants to feed us for dinner, but the plants got frost last night so they're done.

Again this year the garden didn't do great. It produced and produced well despite minimal attention. I ate a mountain of weeds from it (purslane and lambsquarter) and we got enough fresh tomatoes for eating, if not to make sauce or salsa. The fruit production did better than the vegetable production as it's more permaculture oriented and thrives without my attention.

Time is what I lack right now. I have time for small farm projects but tending and weeding the garden just ends up falling by the wayside. As it probably should. I'm past feeling bad about that. My outside work keeps me busy and in a week it can buy an entire season of food, so it's best to put my time where it yields the most money ... for now. In time that will change.

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