Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4th Bunker Index - Rainbow Stew

By now you should have all seen the list of demands the Wall Street protestors have released. In addition, I would like to add one demand ... the national symbol of our nation should be changed from that of an eagle to that of a unicorn.

In general I support the idea of breaking Wall Street's stranglehold on our political system. But this charade is ridiculous. They have no plan, no strategy, and no hope. What does Wall Street care if unemployed liberal arts majors are being clubbed and tear gassed outside? You want to break the banks and corporations? Stop buying their products and withdraw your money from their system. This is exactly the sort of situation that calls for individual actions, not collective ones.

The whole situation is a mess. Mostly this is a charade sponsored by various progressive groups, but it's continuing to spread as mainstream media continues to beat the drum. Look for this to continue to ramp up until cold weather forces them off the street. I'll start taking them seriously after they've lost some toes to frostbite and stopped making demands for vegan sandwiches.

1. Ron Paul is pushing for the impeachment of Obama for the assassination of a U.S. citizen suspected of being a Muslim terrorist. While I applaud the effort, I don't see where this will go anywhere. The rest of Congress seems to have the courage and will of neutered kittens.

2. Got any money in Bank of America accounts? I suggest you yank it out if so. Their stock is plummeting and there are rumors they may be pulled from the stock exchange. The usual rumors of a pending bankruptcy for BoA continue but are also getting louder.

3. Mixed in with all the lunacy of the Occupy Wall Street movement is some good sense. Ron Paul, Nader, and Kucinich are advocating for a push to repeal the Federal Reserve act. This would destroy the Fed and return banking to a saner level. I'm not sure what that would do to the nationwide economy since the Fed has essentially been propping it up with phony money for decades, but I'm willing to try.

4. Hank Williams Jr, not known for keeping his mouth shut, compared Obama to Hitler and ESPN dropped him like a hot rock. Sides are being drawn. When the knives come out, my money is on the old "country boys". Urban people ask for food, jobs, water, and money. Country people just ask to be left alone.

5. Hermain Cain, black Republican candidate for president, claims that blacks were brainwashed into voting Democratic. This caused Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's knee to jerk and she's "offended". I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm about tired of hearing from her. America's dumbest "diversity hire" has turned into a sick joke. I liked it better when we were just laughing at her stupidity, but now she's out there rabble rousing and trying to incite violence against white conservatives.

6. Chris "I've got a Tingle" Matthews announces that if Obama blows this election, the Tea Party and neocons will return to Washington and gut the progressive groups, erect statues to Dick Cheney, celebrate the death penalty, increase torture, destroy the environment, break unions, punish gays, start more wars, and give all the rich one giant tax cut.

7. The union of bus drivers in New York City has filed a lawsuit to prevent the police department from forcing them to transport arrested Wall Street Protestors. I'm surprised so far that the police unions are still letting police participate in the arrests.

8. Michelle Obama lies yet again. At a fundraiser, the radical stated that Obama's grandmother (the one he impugned as a racist during his 2007 campaign?) was discriminated against because she was a woman. In reality, the was the first female vice president of the Bank of Hawaii. On their joint tax return, the Obama's had to show that they inherited almost $500,000 worth of BoH stock from that grandmother. If that's discrimination, where do I sign up?

9. As Obamacare heads to the courts, all sorts of conflict is brewing there. Turns out Obama's appointee Kagan was directly involved in bringing Obamacare into being as Obama's solicitor general (can she be charged with soliciting?) and may have to recuse herself from the case.


CC said...

Ernie, shame on you insulting neutered kittens! The are tough little guys.

suvalley said...

I watched a four minute video just last night, GreenWave is the name, Chris Green. He is maybe an organizer of the protests. What he says should scare the carp out of everyone! I will see if I can find a link and post it here for you.

suvalley said...

I finally found it, listen and be very afraid about what this guy wants to see for America:


Ernest said...

On one hand it's a pretty scary video with that guy ...

But on the other hand, he doesn't look like he can shoot worth a damn.

Does he expect to pry the money out of my pocket with the force of law? How about I just stop working and then they don't get any more taxes from me. What are they going to do when all of us join their little "free money" squad?