Monday, October 17, 2011

How Do You See This Ending?

I'm going to try something new and start running a weekly poll. You'll find it in the sidebar on the right.

This week's poll:

How do you see the OWS protests ending?

If you want to elaborate on your answer, you can do so in comments here or you can email me at and I'll post a synopsis of the comments on Friday.


Violet said...

I touched briefly on it here:

I think these kids will pack it in when it gets too cold, and unless they GO OUT AND GET A *^$! job, they'll be out again in the spring.

I don't anticipate that it will remain "civil."

A good chunk of this country thinks socialism is A-okay and completely ignore the millions of lives destroyed by it.

I'm remaining vigilant, and stepping up my preps.

TNWoodwright said...

Over at the ticker they are virolent that the OWS is " THE THING" Karl is threating to ban people left and right that don't tow the line.