Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17th Bunker Index - Defenseless Before the Storm

This cold is finally breaking. My wife has been dosing me with Vitamin C and I got plenty of sleep last night. Today I wake up feeling a lot better. I'm still weary as all get out, but not quite as sick as I had been. Hurray for improvement!

Of course the political scene isn't showing any signs of improvement. The OWS mobs were rowdy this past weekend but Bloomberg didn't manage to dislodge them. He's proving to be pretty ineffectual. Even Rahm Emanuel managed to arrest all of his protestors when they tried to set up in Chicago.

I don't have much to protest, personally. Having set my course for getting out of the storm, I can't quite imagine why other people don't do the same. A revolution can be made up of a million individual choices. It doesn't require action in the streets. Particularly not action that's being used and manipulated by people who want to usher in something vastly darker than what we have. Americans so love a good protest and we all have plenty to protest about, but we seem defenseless before the totalitarianism that waits in the dark, ready to prey on our naivete. Prepare yourself. Dark times are coming.

1. A Northern Michigan sociology professor has offered her students extra credit for taking part in a local Occupy protest. At least now we can understand why some of those young people are out there.

2. Tunisia was the first Middle Eastern country to fall in the "Arab Spring". Next week they're holding their first elections but the only party that's really prepared and ready is ... surprise ... the hardline Islamist Ennahda Party. Here in the United States, which group is ready to take advantage of the civil disorder from the OWS movement?

3. I keep hearing that the Tea Party needs to go down and join the OWS protestors. In this video, some do and receive a not so tolerant welcome. I'm tired or hearing how the OWS protestors "just want the same thing we do." They don't.

4. In speeches this past weekend, Obama likened the economic OWS "fight" to the civil rights movement during a speech honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Folks, we are in big, big trouble.

5. Many other cities, including Chicago, are refusing to let Occupy protestors become entrenched and have arrested hundreds over the weekend. I guess having seen the problems Bloomberg is having getting rid of them, they don't want these protestors entrenching in their own parks. Ironic though that Obama's buddy Rahm Emanuel ordered the crackdown on Chicago protestors. I would have thought he approved. Or maybe he already believes Chicago is enough of a socialist stronghold and is just showing the iron hand inside the velvet glove.

6. Here's some interesting speculation ... with the OWS movement are we witnessing the birth of a new Far Left political party? Are they going to become to the Democrats what the Tea Party became to Republicans? From this article, they are gearing up for a new "national convention" and will elect OWS delegates.

7. The lights are going out in Detroit ... forever. Once Detroit was the manufacturing hub and gem of the United States. Back before the unions and government regulations destroyed them. I guess to be fair, the auto industry helped to destroy itself. Now vandals are destroying transformers, thieves are stealing the copper lines, and the city can't afford to repair its grid. As goes Detroit, soon so will go all of America.

8. In Philadelphia, police discovered three mentally-disabled adults chained up in the basement of a house. It turns out they were part of a human slavery ring. What good are elderly, disabled slaves? Plenty good, apparently, so long as the government keeps sending them their assistance checks. The slavers had been cashing them regularly for years.Think about what's going to happen when the system breaks down and these people are running around loose. What's going to happen when they come to your homestead?


Dyson said...

Bloomberg is in on the deal there. His girlfriend is on the board of the company owning the park.

They also own some wind farm project that just got a 168 million dollar government loan guarantee only about a week after allowing the use of that park...

They (we) paid the rent for these protesters to use the park... Rents are high in NYC but 168,000,000 is just a bit over the top... Wonder if the protecters know they are being used by the Thuggees...

Ernest said...

What a stooge! That Bloomberg is slippery scum.

Do you have references for what you're saying? Can you shoot me an email with what you've got?

This deserves a front page post on the BI rather than a tiny thread in the comments.