Thursday, October 27, 2011

Insider Report - Obama Planning Fake Assassination Attempt to Gain Sympathy

The Insider Report by Ulsterman is something I'm somewhat skeptical of. However, the insider providing the information has been proved right numerous times so far. Hardly anything he's claimed was in the works has failed to come to pass. That said, it could still be a very clever hoax or disinformation campaign, but it's certainly been elevated to something to watch.

In the latest Insider Report, the Insider tells us how the Obama administration, the secret cartel that is propping up Obama via Valerie Jarrett, is aware of how far they are falling in the polls and they are aware that they probably won't win the 2012 election. Staying in power is everything to these socialist scumbags, so they're preparing to "double down".

A fake assassination plot, probably by a white, racist, right-wing extremist is going to be foiled in an attempt to generate sympathy for the president. The ultimate race card, I believe the insider calls it. We've still got a long way to go to November 2012 and sympathy has a very short half-life so I wouldn't expect this until perhaps next summer.

An interesting theory, to say the least. Spread this one far and wide, friends (and please link back to the Bunker Index as well). Getting the information out there is the best way to foil these schemes.


suvalley said...

It'll be laid to rest at Tea Party's feet, no doubt. It will throw the election run-up into chaos, and distract the sheeple.


It will work, too :(

Sonshine said...

It wouldn't surprise me to see something like this. They have already caused a huge racial division in this country. A stunt like this would cause riots in this country that would make the Watts riots look like child play. I'm not sure they would do it to garner sympathy for people to elect him, but it would be a good way to stir things up in order to declare martial law, thus suspending elections indefinitely.