Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27th Bunker Index - Doom Goes Mainstream

Things are bad and holding. The news is one long rant these days. Hyperinflation, war, EMP attack, riots, famine ... it's hard to tell whether I'm reading Drudge or a dire survivalist blog anymore. They're all talking about the same things!

I wonder these days how we are to break through the barriers of indifference modern culture has placed between themselves and our Lord. I see fear and privation as good things if they serve to bring people closer to God. In your own life, have you placed all of your provender at the will of God? Or do you still rely mostly on the flawed artifacts and systems of mankind to provide for you and your family? God will always feed you, though it may be days of lambsquarter instead of steak. The humblest of meals is a banquet when provided to you by God. Gardens are the surest way of inviting God's providence, so long as you don't think it's your own hands that are providing the bounty!

The time is drawing near that the systems of man will fail. Are you ready? You will be required to lean on God for providence in the forms of foraging, gardening, and animal husbandry. God has called you to this for years now and set seeds in your heart to prepare. Have you taken heed and studied? There will be no time for learning once the time comes.

1. At a luncheon for the Dallas Women's Foundation, Mavis Leno, wife of talk show comedian Jay Leno, told an assembled group that the Koran is more liberal with women than the Bible. This is the sort of muddled thought that's going around in liberal circles and particularly Hollywood. It's part of a meme. You might ask yourself why liberals who have rejected Christianity are suddenly embracing Islam as a cultural good. It only makes sense in a religious context ... both ideologies are spawned from the same master.

2. In Maryland, a state task force is considering raising the taxes residents pay for flushing their toilets. I wasn't aware that those poor people were already taxed. This is about as close as it gets to an overreaching government taxing your body functions. As a matter of principle, I'd poop in a compost bucket before I'd pay a cent in taxes for flushing. Have a good protest movement every morning! Poop for freedom!

3. A train station in NY is putting in bullet-tracking sensors. These sensors work by sound and are placed in various locations. If a gunshot is fired, they will triangulate based on sound and report back the location of the shooter. Apparently that train station is in a bad area planned for redevelopment.

4. Most of the European countries rallied to save Greece (and by proxy, the European Union) . They're all going to dig deep into their pockets and loan Greece more money that they themselves don't have. That's the sound of a giant can being kicked down the road.

5. In a big burst of Malthusian propaganda, the United Nations has declared October 31st as "7 Billion Day". That's the day the population of the earth supposedly reaches 7 billion people. This is not a celebratory message from the UN, welcoming all the new world citizens, but a cautionary tale of overpopulation. In their view, the future looks very much like "Soylent Green" and the population needs to be drastically reduced ... to another 300 million. At the article you'll find quotes from numerous Malthusian enthusiasts who all propose different plans on how to do this but yet suspiciously never include themselves in the list of people who should be killed to maintain world "sustainability".

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