Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10th Bunker Index - The American Version of the Birkenhead Drill

Protests across the country continue to ramp up and are getting weirder by the day. The communist organizers of this mess know it has to end within the next couple of weeks or the cold will drive away most of their less-devoted devotees. I expect them to ramp up the rhetoric and the provocations in an effort to force a showdown.

Remember, Obama NEEDS these protests and they aren't going to be able to sustain righteous outrage all the way to November 2012. The same people that propelled him to office are behind the protests (regardless of whether or not there's some faction there that shares our own principles) and my suspicions are that they are going to use this to attempt to suspend the elections in 2012. Obama is losing in every poll. Most of the Democrats are about to go out the door with them. They have to do something if they want to stay in power and power is lifeblood to these people.

I expect blood to be flowing on the streets within the week. I'll be genuinely shocked if we aren't talking about some horrendous outrage by Friday. The protestors absolutely have no exit strategy here other than bloodshed. They can't present a unified list of demands because you'll never get that mob of factions to agree on anything. How do they expect anarchists and communists to work together? They are opposing ideologies!

Prepare yourself. Make sure you have plenty of food at home and plenty of cash on hand. We don't know when or how this will really break. I can't imagine everyone just getting fed up and going home.

1. As the protestors continue to ramp up their rhetoric, potential GOP candidate Herman Cain is launching into rhetoric of his own against them. Excuse me, Mr. Cain, but perhaps these people don't really want to be hearing from a banker, billionaire businessman, and ex-Fed chairman. If you could put the stopper back in your can of gasoline, maybe we can figure out a way to put out this fire without your help.

2. Over 100 guns were found in the home of a Mexican drug cartel. All of these were linked back to the Fast and Furious program that AG Eric Holder is currently lying about and that tracks all the way up to Obama at this point. I remember one journalist describing the Fast and Furious scandal as "Watergate with Murder". This story is gaining serious traction and subpoenas are coming soon. Hopefully to be followed with impeachment proceedings.

3. Ron Paul recently won a "values" straw poll and immediately the mainstream media accused him and his followers of cheating. I wonder what they're going to say if RP actually wins the election?

4. Europe has been urged to adapt to Asian economic models as it struggles with financial woes. The speaker was Pierre Vimont, the executive secretary general of the European external action service. I wonder what economic model he meant. The hybrid confusion of state-sponsored capitalism and communism in China? Or the financial destitution and famine of totalitarian North Korea?

5. Did you see this strange video? This is from the "Occupy Atlanta" protest. One of the many Democratic representative race-card shills showed up and wanted to speak to the protestors who were held in sway the bizarre speaker and wouldn't let him talk. They just kept chanting and repeating what their speaker was saying. I couldn't decide if they needed koolaid like Jonestown or if they were about to start chanting "Cthulhu Fhtagn" over and over.

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Bluesgal said...

1. The leaders of the protest know they will gain support if the NYPD has to take forcible action. Therefore, they will continue thier actions to "push" the LEOs into responding. While I'm strongly against police bruatlity, when 300 people rush officers and move barricades the officers will defend their ground with force. No happy endings here.

2. Sheriff here in AZ was on the news.. he said.. Holder and Obama should be held accountable for gunwalker and not allowed to escape, how dare Holder tell the Sheriffs to give him and teh WH some respect.. and then the Sheriff said... "The is the US, we have no Kings here" almost fell out of my chair. A Law enforcement official saying the WH thinks it's King.... There is hope yet.

5. watched that video.... wierd.. very weird.. and extremely unsettling