Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19th Bunker Index - The Monster Under the Bed

Well, we're halfway through another week. You still hanging in there? Not suffering too greatly from doom fatigue? I know it gets tiring waiting for the other shoe to drop, but we've still got a ways to go. Western civilization won't collapse overnight. Or not completely overnight.

The OWS situation is going to resolve within the next couple of weeks, I'm thinking. The temperatures are still staying decent in New York, though it's getting rainy. If they don't manage to provoke a big reaction pretty quick, then the cold is going to wash them out.

In other news, lions, tigers, and bears are on the loose in Ohio. Nobody reports having been eaten yet, but that's just one more thing for Ohioans to be worried about.

Make sure you check out the #6 today. It's probably one of the most bizarre stories I've ever posted on the Bunker Index.

As of late, I'm reflecting on the business of the world and how it demands everything you have to give. It's almost tailor made for the Enemy to draw us away from God. My Oswald Chambers devotional this morning touched on this very topic. Now that things are going well with the move, my prayer time has lapsed and I haven't sought as much communion with God as I would desire. This has left room for doubts and fears to creep in as well as general stress. Now is a great time for me to be reminded that I should return to some high-quality prayer time and contemplation as well as deepening bible study. Maybe if we all do this together in some fashion then we can share the wisdom we receive from this effort.

Won't you meet with me at the Christian Homesteader's Forum? There are several Christian subforums there where we might gather and discuss the issues on our minds. As well as many other categories of subforums that are helpful to agrarians and homesteaders.

1. Submachine guns were swiped out from under the nose of an LAPD SWAT team's training facility. The police insist that the guns have been modified so as not to be able to fire real bullets but gunsmiths laughed off that suggestion, stating that it's about a five minute process.

2. San Francisco runs an "Operation Peacemaker" where rival gangs are taught to get along. Except this time a bloody fistfight broke out between the two gangs when both of them showed up at the location at the same time. Does it seem like government is just getting less effective at everything they do?

3. While Obama openly mocked the Tea Party, he is cozying up to the OWS movement by announcing "we are on their side." Well of course he is. One of the offshoots of ACORN is the group that is spearheading the OWS effort. Americans need to start figuring out how to confront this monster. I don't think it's just going to go away.

4. In probably the biggest scam in bankster history, Bank of America has moved almost $75 TRILLION in risky derivatives into an FDIC covered branch. Almost everyone I followed on this believes they are doing this because they believe bank collapse is very near and BoA is trying to get the FDIC to cover this block of derivatives. Only thing is that the FDIC doesn't have deep enough pockets to do it. The next logical conclusion is that the Fed will step in and bail out the FDIC and simply print off $75 trillion in currency. Hyperinflation anyone?

5. DARPA, the research arm of the Pentagon, is working on a new program called "Narrative Networks". The end goal is to be able to infiltrate social networks and determine from posts and texts which individuals have "fallen prey to dangerous ideas".

6. In Ohio, a massive animal escape at a private farm has led to over 30-35 animals being killed or captured. Grizzly bears, black bears, cheetahs, lions, tigers, camels, and many other types of animals were housed at the private farm. The farm owner was mysteriously found dead (and the police won't elaborate on the causes) and ALL of the animal cages were open. The deputies who arrived at the farm shot 25 animals immediately but there could be up to 48 more animals of varying kinds still on the loose. What a bizarre story.

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marymmma said...

#6 - Well I guess you know by now that the owner let all these animals out of their pens and cages before he killed himself. Real smart there.

By now all but 6 have been killed. Those 6 have been taken by Jack Hanna to the Columbus Zoo. One monkey with herpes has not been found but they figure it was probably eaten by one of the bigger animals.

It was really sad to see all the animals laying there, dead, in this big pile of carcasses. You can't fault the L.E.O because it had to be done for public safety. It's said that the laws in Ohio are really bad concerning this and need to be changed so this might never happen again.

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