Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where Is Your Reliance?

The term "Christian self-sufficiency" always brings a smile to my face, even though I'm prone to using the term myself.

Isa 31:1 Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or consult the LORD!

When the Assyrian was at the gates and they were under siege, many Israelites sought to go down to Egypt and seek help. How many of us seek refuge in Egypt's strength and not the Lord's? How many Christians have turned to welfare and the police and all of the machinations of an anti-Christian government to save them?

I've done it myself. I've turned to my own devices and my own pitiful hands, looking to save myself and my family from ruin. It's a terrible place to be in if you think the only one who can save you is you.

Look to God to save us, not men. Look to God to save us, not government or our own labor. Nothing I do will amount to a hill of beans if it does not come from God and the throne of grace.

Western civilization is done for. God does not owe America ONE IOTA. If God wipes America from the face of the planet and strikes its name from the hearts and minds of every single survivor then who could say it is not justice? I believe God is going to destroy us in such a way as to be a reminder to all nations who would build themselves upon God to never forget from whence their power came.

In 2nd Chronicles, chapter 26 we see the story of King Uzziah who God lifted up and who accomplished many great things that were pleasing to the Lord. But in the end, Uzziah began to believe that all the mighty deeds and strength of his kingdom was HIS doing and not the Lord's, and so blasphemous did he become that he usurped the authority of the priests before God and was stricken with leprosy. He spent the remainder of his life in isolation from his people and his kingdom and died miserably as punishment.

So goes Uzziah, so goes America. Did you grow up hearing all about American exceptionalism? All about that pioneer spirit and patriotic duty that tamed the West, filled a continent, made a nation great and strong and defeated tyrants THREE TIMES in a century? Did you ever hear once that it was anything but our own doing, or did you hear that it was God's providence that made it so?

We have forgotten from where we draw our strength and so our strength will be broken. This is fair and just. God will preserve a remnant, as He always has. He is calling YOU out right now. Do you think you're here reading the words of a weak and feeble sinner such as myself out of your own doing? Or do you believe, as I do, that God has somehow lifted up you and I and put us at this crossroads at this crucial moment?

Do not hook yourself or your family to Babylon because Babylon is falling. Our burden will not be made easier, but God will cause our shoulders to grow. It's time we get to work.


Sawmill Jim said...

I think the end game is near just a few more things to fall in place

marymmma said...

Good post Ernie.

You are probably right Jim.

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