Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Sick of Answering This

Occasionally when I have errands to run, I take one or more of my sons with me. Today we made a grocery store run and I took the 15 year old and the 10 year old.

I braced myself for the question and had fantasies of how I WANTED to answer it.

"Why aren't these kids in school?" is the question usually posed. I WANT to reply: "Because I don't subscribe to the notion that it's a good idea to lock my children in a government-run indoctrination center where they can be brainwashed by Marxist thought, given a substandard education, and fawned over by socialist pedophiles supported and backed by the NEA."

So eventually the question came, in one of its more soft forms: "No school today?"

Instead of a 20 minute, mouth-foaming, eye-rolling rant where I stalked up and down the aisles like a lunatic I gave a softer answer.

"Don't you see the value in young men spending time with their father and learning one method in which to procure food for their families?"

The look on her face said that she clearly did not. I almost resorted to the second default answer (less soft): "It's none of your business you meddling hag."


Bluesgal said...

I'd answer: Execuse me? This is your business why?

Sonshine said...

I haven't faced that question, but if I did I'd just tell them we chose to homeschool.