Friday, November 18, 2011

War With Iran is All But Inevitable

In a recent GOP candidate debate, Romney stated that he would move carriers to the Middle East and prepare to engage Iran. Gingrich wants assassinations of Iran's nuclear scientists. Pretty much all of the candidates except for Ron Paul are in support of some level of military action against Iran to prevent them from going nuclear and wiping out Israel.

What's Israel's stance on this? They have nuclear weapons, jet fighters, and a strong military of their own. Why aren't the Israelis taking care of what looks increasingingly like THEIR problem?

Obama has just about finished his war-tour of the Middle East with only one big country to invade ... Iran. So more and more it looks like if we get a new president then we'll see war, and if we get the old one then we'll see war too.

We don't have the military capacity to beat Iran. We can stomp THEIR military flat in about 3 days, but we can't pacify the country. We never managed to pacify Iraq and that country had about half the territory and population that Iran does. We can keep raining death from afar on Iran almost indefinitely but is that really "winning" a war?

Yes, in Iran there's a wacko who is about to have a nuclear bomb ... but is that any less threatening to your existence than the following wackos who also have bombs?

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