Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kicking Muslims Out of the Military

Tenn. Rep. Rick Womick stated that he believed all Muslims represent a threat and should be kicked out of the military. His belief is that because Islam commands them to lie to unbelievers to further the cause of Islam, they cannot be trusted to abide by any oath.

I can't say I disagree. The binding of an oath is more or less necessary in a free society. Look at all the places we swear an oath ... the military, our citizenship, in court when we swear to tell the truth, and on legal documents.

If the oath can't be trusted then doesn't the glue that binds society more or less come undone? Now I know there are individuals who will lie and cheat, but they are aberrations. Here we have an entire religion whose goal is to infiltrate our society and who believe it's not only ok but is actually APPROVED OF to lie to us in order to make that infiltration happen.

At one point, courts would not allow an atheist to present testimony because if they refused to swear to God then the court didn't know what oath would bind them to tell the truth. Not sure why that one changed either. Does not a society have a responsibility to find some common cause or element that binds its citizenry together? Fear of punishment is not enough, particularly when the likelihood of being caught and punished is very slim. That is why Christians have historically sworn to God, knowing that God is the final arbiter of truth and the punisher of the wicked.

Recently this was tested when a judge seemed surprise that the Times Square Muslim bomber had sworn an oath to citizenship but then claimed he simply lied. He expressed no regret for the lie and for breaking his oath. Why should he? His religion allows for it.

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As often you do, you have now given me something else to sit and contemplate.