Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17 Bunker Index - Here they come!

Only 4 items today! While it's a big news day today, it's not a varied news day. The predominant risk is the OWS in New York beginning their Day of Action where they are trying to storm the stock exchange. This should end in a lot of broken heads before the day is over.

Almost everything has gone in this movement's favor. The way the police have handled it, the way the politicians have ... it's pretty scary how far this has gotten so far. Did you ever think a movement based on "gimme free stuff" would take root in America?

You know what needs to be done to preserve your family through this. Get to it.

1. OWS begins their "Day of Action" today. Police have arrested 50+ people so far. Follow it live.

2. Pelosi throws her weight in with the OWS crowd. Why are so many politicians supporting this? Notice it's primarily the corrupt liberal Democrats who the OWS crowd SHOULD be complaining about the most?

3. A desperate father robs a store and apologizes to the clerk, explaining he has to feed his children.

4. A Texas sheriff deploys a drone to keep an eye on citizens. Everything you've seen used in the Middle East so far has been but a field test of the technical apparatus of the totalitarian state we're soon going to have.

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MiniMo said...

I agree the OWS does have a 'pick and choose" policy that makes you wonder.....

as to number 3, I hope his "feed my kids" bit doesn't garner him any sympathy with a judge or jury. Once the man is sent to jail (and hopefully he is) how will his kids eat then? Perhaps if the man had some foresight he would have thought about that before committing a crime?