Friday, November 11, 2011

Mark Steyn Lays it Out

Mark Steyn hammers into the OWS movement. I've been a fan of this guy for awhile since I read one of his books.

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WarriorClass said...

Steyn’s analysis is over simplified, although he approaches the root problem when he says, “Let it be said that the “occupiers” are right on the banks: They shouldn’t have been bailed out. America has one of the most dysfunctional banking systems in the civilized world, and most of its allegedly indispensable institutions should have been allowed to fail”

You still have to address the question of why the banks were bailed out and why congress would vote to do so against the will of 80% of the people. They did it because they are all puppets of the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Banking Cartel. The Federal Reserve was the creation of international banksters, not Americans and not even the congress of 1913, since the Federal Reserve act was pushed through by fraud during the Christmas vacation, when most congressmen were back home, so the vote was not even legal. Since that time America was effectively taken over by foreigners, who continue to rule today.

The second part of the problem is that the major corporations write the legislation that, while they publically complain about it, effectively cuts off any potential competition, creating buiness consessions in each industry and market sector, while at the same time encouraging employment visas to foreigners, a blind eye to illegals, at a time of 20% unemployment of Americans to further suppress wages. This is not free market capitalism it is Facism.

There is nothing wrong with being a “producer” but there is everything wrong with being a thief, a fraud, and both. And it is both that have taken this country to destruction. The occupiers are nothing but dupes that fail to recognise how they have been duped, and bought into another lie of the international banksters that seek to make slaves of us all through marxism.

A return to the original Constitutional Republic with a nation of morally upright people is the only way back to freedom and prosperity, and even that will have to be achived the same way it was won to begin with, through violent revolution, and then quickly followed up with intense public education in the principles of liberty and righteousness. We will have no more success at a peaceful solution than did our founders, and we will keep our freedoms no longer without a return to righteousness, and an honest sense of fair play in the market place.

Clean your rifles and prepare for battle. It can be no other way.