Monday, November 14, 2011

Not Cowed

A few days ago I came back from San Diego and had to fly out of the airport there. They use one of the deadly backscatter radiation machines, so I opted out of being irradiated and got the full patdown instead.

A friend was with me and he looked on in surprise as I offered the TSA agent a breath mint and then with humor proceeded to back the young man down. He's earning $7 per hour and he's not ready for the steely-eyed stare of someone who isn't afraid of the uniform or the badge.

I made a big public scene out of being patted down. It was a spectacle. It attracted lots of attention. For that ten minutes or so, everyone going through security was aware that we are not a free nation and that the gulag guards are up on the towers watching us.

Stick a wrench in the machine at every opportunity, friends. Slow them down, confuse them, back them down. Don't do it aggressively where they can cause you problems, but do it with humor and a smile so that they can't pin anything on you.

Right now we're still free to do so, but at some point in the future the gloves are going to come off and they're going to club us down with batons for so much as looking them in the eye. At that point the game changes, we fetch our rifles and go to work. For now though, our task is to awaken as many people as we can and slow the machine down to a crawl.

If you have to travel for work, as I do, then slow the TSA process down to a crawl. To refuse would be to miss out on thousands of dollars each year, and they would not notice one bit the absence of this humble farmer. HOWEVER, by going there and then occupying their time, I get an opportunity to befuddle their systems and plant seeds in the heads of everyone passing by.

Stay uncivil, my friends.


Ima Wurdibitsch said...

From now on, I will do this. I have to travel for work so I've put up with it, silently, in the past. I will get to the airport even earlier and I will say what needs to be said.

My past protests have been silent. I took a metallic ink pen and wrote, "Unreasonable Search" on the back of my underwear and "Amendment IV" on the front.

I will say something in the future.

Bluesgal said...

Love it! Ditto on the travel for work. People hear wait for the phone call that I've been arrested... Can't stand the theatre that is the TSA.. Making more entertaining and educational for those online.... sounds like a plan..