Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14 Bunker Index - 55 Cubic Meters of Smoke and Mirrors

Monday rolls around on us again. What a charade this administration has going. Between the bait and switch of "reform" Obama has been touting, now we've got the puppet theatre of the Occupy protests while he's simultaneously undermining the nation's security.

These are the days in which the republic dies. How sad it will be in our old age to have seen its demise come and go without response while a newer generation, completely reeducated and subverted in their indoctrination "schools", embraces the very tenets of national socialism that our own grandfathers fought to defeat.

Keep watching the magic show, people. Link up with your fellow patriots. Make plans for what to do in your AO. Stockpile and prepare as you reduce your dependency on the corporate industrial machine which is the support arm of totalitarianism. There are still some of us out here who will not go quietly into the cattle cars.

1. In San Francisco, a protestor slashed a cop with a razor blade during a march. Ironically, he got away with it. In most places that would have earned you a Rodney King style beatdown.

2. As the republic dies, crooked politicians are grabbing what they can. Pelosi bought between $1 million and $5 million worth of Visa stock in an IPO and then blocked credit card reform for two years. As a result of her efforts, her investment skyrocketed 203%. But yet the Occupiers don't single her out by name. Hrm.

3. In Occupy Portland, a man was arrested after a clash with mounted police where an incendiary device was thrown. Remember how early on in this process a lot of people were going down and visiting their specific protests and reporting on how well-behaved they were? Notice how that's not happening much now?

4. Over the last year, the Obama admin pushed a $433 million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug despite whether it's needed or even works. The reason? The drug is produced by a company controlled primarily by a longtime Democratic Party donor. The Democratic party is essentially one large money-laundering scheme. They give money to the president, the president gives it back to their companies, they give another share back to the president, and repeat.

5. In various cities, the police are confronting and breaking up Occupy protest camps. This is part of a larger initiative to end this. It demonstrates that some of the individual local governments are out of sync with the Obama administration and is a happy sign for patriots.

6. Google CEO states that the internet keeps government honest. Nevermind the fact that Google CEO is a very large supporter of Obama, his company has been caught already scrubbing unpleasant facts about Obama from the internet, and the government isn't at all honest. Seriously, people. How much MORE smoke up your ass can you take from these scumbags?

7. Remember the giant "bunker buster" bombs used in the Gulf War? Now Obama plans to sell them to the United Ararb Emirates.

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InvalidID said...

The incendiary device was a rock or something solid. Someone did throw one of those sparkler type fireworks, but I think it might have been the same person.
I went to this one too because it was announced in advance.

I was right there when it happened and it looked like a rock hit the cop, though I did see something sparkling fly by me as well. The crowd of people quickly pushed this person out of the group and into the polices open arms.

All in all, the Portland event wasn't bad at all. I have praise for both sides on this.

Check it out, I have a big ol' write up on it over at HT.