Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2 Bunker Index - Still kicking

My apologies for missing out on a BI yesterday. I was traveling and my day was disrupted heavily by a traffic accident out on the highway. I wasn't involved in the metal bending, but I was stuck in the middle of the night on a deserted stretch of highway for almost 4 hours before I used a combination of ditch, pasture, and backwoods dirt road to free myself. Go, Ford F-150, go!

I'm still holding out hope that our land deal in Texas can be pulled out of the fire. They seem to have gotten in touch with the right people and they're moving forward, so in the next week or so maybe they'll get it together. That would be ideal. I really do like that patch of land. It's beautiful country and it waits for an Agrarian hand. It YEARNS for patient soil and fertility building. It aches for the laughter of children to be heard out amongst the cacti and rocks.

When the Israelites were fleeing and the chariots of the pharoah were coming, God waited until the very last minute before He granted Moses the power to part the waters. All through the bible God waits until the very last minute, seemingly to test our faith and patience. Faith and patience are areas in which I struggle, so perhaps this is my own test.

I welcome all the new readers from various forums that have linked back to this website. I'm not concerned with what has brought you here, but I hope you find a reason to continue visiting this site. May what we do be of use to you.

1. A panhandler went wild and ransacked a Starbucks after nobody would give him any change. Ever had a bird feeder? Notice how after only a short time of free food, the birds start getting aggressive with you when you go out into your back yard?

2. In another California homeless story, a homeless man became angry at an elderly man in a Walmart sporting goods section when the elderly man wouldn't give him any change. He grabbed a nearby baseball bat and beat the old man to death with it.

3. Cain continues to self-destruct. First the alleged sexual harassment claims from "anonymous" women, and now he's playing the race card over it. The last time the race card was played, we got Obama. I don't think the race card is going to go over well with his potential constituents.

4. DHS has announced that they will begin to monitor Twitter for signs of social unrest.

5. Looks like the EU crisis with Greece is NOT resolved and is back on. Apparently they rejected Germany's overtures of peace and love (and adult supervision) and now the whole thing is scuttled. Lots of articles on this one. Couldn't decide which one to link, but check out Drudge today. Yikes!

6. 62% of Canadian Muslims favor implementing Sharia law IN CANADA. As goes Canada, so goes America. How long until they get up a general election and vote in Sharia law?

7. Obama continues to use executive orders to transform America and claims it's because of a "do nothing Congress". If you remember your history, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with an army to "save Rome" from a "do nothing Senate".


Bluesgal said...

#6 - I do share your conern about "Sharia Law". However, I think you missed the point. After looking at the article is appears that 62% of the Muslims surveyed.. and what percentage of the TOTAL Canadian population are Muslim?

From the 455 people surveyed in Ottawa in 2008? They are "afraid" of AlQueda per the artcile??

Now, if we were to discuss the happenings in France.. where the police won't even go into certain Muslim areas.

What I take from this is that a majority group of this religeon wish to have "Their" laws replace curent law and to live under the religeous laws. My response would go to a country run by your relilgeous leaders. The problem.. they try to change the govt' of where they are..

In the US a slightly different approach is being used. Political Correctness. I believe the definitions of hate crimes covers the situation.. but changing policies so as to not offend one particular group (muslims) when things are only speaking the truth???

Sonshine said...

Just my opinion on the Cain/race card statement. Seems to me that Krautheimer (sp) is the one who brought it up, Cain just responded to the question. Where the left is concerned, it wouldn't surprise me that they are dragging up allegations (no proof) of sexual harrassment. You heard almost nothing when Edwards was stealing from his campaign funds to give gifts to his mistress. The left wing media basically gave Clinton a free pass on his activities with Lewinsky, yet just with an accustion of "alleged" sexual harrassment Cain gets raked over the coals. To me this just shows the double standards. What really makes me sad is how many on the right (not talking about you) have taken up the smear campaign based on an alleged case. No one has proved that he did it, yet everyone is dredging it up.

Ernest said...

Personally I don't think he did it. But I also am thinking that it probably doesn't matter whether he did or not.

At first they had ONE article where two anonymous women accused him. Nobody was willing to go on record. That would have been a non-story, but he spent an ENTIRE DAY denying it and that put it on the front page of every liberal rag in the nation.

So I think he's essentially sunk. Still too many people believe what they read without thinking.

Sonshine said...

Actually, if polls can be believed, this scandal has actually helped him. I think people are getting tired of this type of political games and are gathering around Cain. He said his contributions went up too.

Blue Duck said...

upon yoiur land acquisition, "if it is to be then it woll be" and though that sounds factitious, i hold it to be a truism in many ways. I pray that if it is indeed what you really need that you are able to acquire the stewardship of that land.

on homeless folks beating others, compost happens, yes those homeless folks are people too, and there but for the grace of Almighty God go I.... people ned to lend a hand up and not a handout though, there is a difference and if those homeless dont want the hand up then and only then they get what punishment the rest of society prescribes.

on Greece, ive been watching the markets on and off this morning, and while the markets fluxed a little with the FED news, the markets have movedmore on what is and is not happening in europe whoich is kind of defaulting by only offering to pay 50% on its bonds or nothing at all... and correct me if i am wrong, but if you dont pay 100% is it not a default?

Sharia Law? ummm only ifin we Christians can re-implement ecclesiastical law, and thereby those under sharia law are subject to those laws as well....

Blueduck is