Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3 Bunker Index - Strange Noises Coming From Under the Hood

Still grinding gears. Some days I look at the world and I wonder just how the heck it's still holding together.

In other news, I have acquired a new dog somehow. I left my door open for a moment and when I returned, he was sitting in the passenger seat ready to go. His name is "Buddy" and he's an old Texas ranch hound, maybe 12-13 years old. The "owners" said up until 2 weeks ago he was living out in the desert with his owner, an 80+ year old man. The old man died and somehow they ended up with the dog. But they live in a busy place with lots of traffic and Buddy is ignorant of the ways of cars. He's going to end up getting run over. In Buddy's little dog mind, trucks remind him of his previous owner and he thinks he's going home. This was an entirely poorly thought out decision on my part to allow him to stay with me, but sometimes these things work out for the best.

Well, back to America ...

1. The political news cycle seems to continue to revolve around Herman Cain's alleged sexual harassment. I can't believe it, but it looks like he's gotten on top of this and is going to put it to bed. (My apologies for the puns.) This has been revealed to be a cheap political trick and he's going for blood.

2. China is throwing caution to the wind and ignoring UN Sanctions on weapon sales to Iran. They just sold ol' Crazypants a whole bunch of missiles. Still think these guys are on our side? Knowing that sooner or later we may end up going to war with Iran, those missiles will be killing us or the Israelis before too much longer.

3. A vicious machete attack in NY leads to the arrest of three young sociopaths. This article could have been lifted straight from the Third World but now it's here.

4. In Oakland, OWS protestors go on a rampage, smashing out the windows of banks and defacing public property. Is Oakland going to be the breaking point?

5. Chris Matthews, Obama's not-so-secret admirer, says that Obama needs an army ... needs "troops". What does he think OWS is?

6. The Fed is poised to release $846 billion in treasuries. Ben's printing presses are running full time now. How much longer before hyperinflation hits?


Patrice said...

Thanks for being willing to take in Buddy a giving him a good home. I'm sure the kids will love him, he'll grow on you too. lol

I've never considered China our friend. They loaded our stores full of cheaply made, crappy quality items and lured away our manufacturing jobs. But we have been the idiots who let it happen in the first place. I have been trying to buy American made products but it is tough.

Bluesgal said...

Congratulations on the new family member. That dog knows a good person when he meets him.

#2 - China - The so called "friend" of the US that has been waging economic warfare with the US for decades... the irony is that if the US/Europe collapses.. so will they. There will be nobody to buy their goods.

As for #3 - couple of wanna be thugs. I think they used the machete because it was handy, it could've been a pipe.

and so we get to #4 - which also ties to #5. I'm not from Oakland and have been, however, from all that I've seen about it.. It's a tinderbox waiting to ignaite. I think OWS is the lighter fluid on the situation there. It seems to be only OWS location though that is getting violent and I'm not sure what that means.

#6 - We've talking about it for months now, QE3 - roll the presses. The inevitable will happen, already inflation is worsening..