Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21 Bunker Index - Respite

Not a lot going on so far this Monday. Political pandering from the White House is nothing new, but who he is doing it to is sort of a first. Egypt and Syria are boiling over and the Occupy movements are still in the process of self-destructing.

In other words, just another week.

Take this time to prepare your household for the violence that is coming and the inevitable disruptions in the supply chain. This time is a gift. Use it.

1. Michelle Obama goes to a NASCAR race and gets booed. Now Obama is hosting a country music festival in the White House. Yeesh. Hard to believe this is the same president who called us bitter clingers just a few years ago.

2.  At Berkeley, a woman was asked by a man on the street if she was going to join up with a local Occupy movement and when she answered no, the suspect began to yell at her and then hit her in the face with an aluminum water bottle. Soon they'll be attacking everyone who isn't with them.

3. In New York, police arrest an Al-Qaida sympathizer and bomb-maker. Think this is a real plot or another one of their entrapment plots?

4. It's the third straight day of violence in Egypt as the ruling military clashes with protestors. I'd like to take this moment to say "I told you so". When the Egyptian people had their first uprising and the military just stood by and watched, I said it was so that they could get Mubarek out of there and seize control themselves. Sure enough, they seized control, and now they are unleashing serious brutality on the protestors who are protesting THEM. It's scary sometimes how accurate I am.

5. Occupy Oakland is calling for the shutdown of all West Coast ports. If they manage such a feat, and they haven't as of yet, that would strike a major blow against the Just-In-Time delivery system that most Americans depend on. No better way to get your message across than starving people and causing widespread chaos.

6. China's economy is on course to surpass our own within 15 years. The decline of Western civilization and the rise of the East.

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Quills said...

My friend, if you think it's going to take 15 years for China's economy to surpass that of the US, you haven't been shopping at WalMart lately. What ISN'T made in China any more? Or, more importantly, perhaps: What *IS* made in the US?