Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22 Bunker Index - Seeding the Killing Fields

This week is picking up a little steam. Not a lot, but a little. There's a lot of events going on that seem to be in the seed stages. I don't want to see what fruit they bear later on if allowed to thrive.

It doesn't take a lot of historical knowledge to see the parallels to what's happening. I invite you to read up on the topic, if you haven't already. How did Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot rise to power? On the backs of a disenfranchised mob. Later, the useful idiots in those mobs would be executed, but the mobs brought these dictators to power.

Who among the potential presidential candidates has the moral fiber to withstand the lust for power? Obama? Perry? Romney? Cain? Gingrich? I see bad things if any of those men come to power. Ron Paul has the moral fiber but his message of strict Constitutionality doesn't appeal to the masses. Those same masses who will one day come for you in your safe homestead.

Waiting to act is waiting to die.

1. Harry Reid decries the democratic process yet again. He's complaining that the Republicans don't want to raise taxes in defiance of "Tea Party Extremists". Harry, it's called "voting". In 2010, a whole lot of your ilk got voted out for doing what you're trying to do. Republicans took at least enough notice to not want to publicly fall in line with you.

2. A gay porn company shot a porn video at and during the Occupy Oakland encampment. What better way to celebrate the decline of the republic than by committing acts that your ideological opponents find abhorent? No link to this one. It's repulsive enough just commenting on it.

3. A 50 person flash mob in Maryland walked into a 7-11 and stole everything they wanted. Which was mostly everything.

4. Obama's friend and "economic advisor" has reportedly made off with at least $1.2 BILLION from the collapsed trading firm MF Global. This goes beyond criminal. This is in a new realm of territory. This is almost Lex Luther-esque!

5. A TSA employee is under arrest for sexually assaulting a woman. He wore his uniform and displayed his badge to the victim. The two women were walking along the street when the suspect approached them, flashed his badge, and then committed enough acts to end up with the following charges: aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy, and abduction with intent to defile. Why in the heck would two women stand still on the street and accept this, even from someone in authority?

6. Apparently our CIA has screwed the pooch in Lebanon and a number of spies and foreign assets are currently being tortured and possibly executed by Hezbollah. Story developing on this one. I still haven't been able to piece together many details.

7. Under Mubarak, Egypt had a dreaded secret police force who detained, tortured and murdered dissidents. Now, under the new regime, that secret police force has been rebranded to "Homeland Security". Ironic, huh?

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Bluesgal said...

It's become like a watching a movie when you know the end and can anticpate the plot twists and yet, you're still surprised that they actually did it.