Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25 Bunker Index - Feast Your Souls

As you have noticed by now, I took yesterday off. It was an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I hope yours was as well.

We nourish our bodies well daily, but do we also nourish our spirits? And what fare does our spirit require? The word of God and time spent in prayer sustains the spirit! We certainly don't forget to eat. We seldom get so busy that we don't eat but often we get so busy we don't pray or read our bibles. How skinny and malnourished our spirits must appear. I try to set aside a specific time each day to nourish my spirit, but often life gets in the way. I must change that.

The news is rather alarming. While America feasted on turkey and dressing, the Middle East boiled, our government plotted against us, and the anti-Christian movement marched forward. In other words, an average day.

1. I don't often agree with the ACLU, but this time they happen to line up on our side. While they undoubtedly mean to protect American-Muslims, the rest of us should be very alarmed at what our government is plotting. There is a bill scheduled for vote next week that will allow the American military to engage, arrest, and imprison American citizens on any battlefield they define, be it Europe, the Middle East, or Texas. Think of exactly how this is going to be used against you.

2. In New Orleans, a councilwoman is advocating the use of random traffic stops and checkpoints to search for guns. Patriots in NOLA, are you ready for this one?

3.   A new law in the UK could lead to individuals being permanently banned from the internet. How exactly do they plan to enforce this?

4. Syria is rapidly turning into a mess. Russia and China are moving military assets into place to protect the Syrian government from U.S. intervention. So many articles on this I can't decide which one to link. It's the news to follow right now.

5. Black Friday is about normal. So far we've had riots at Walmarts, a pepper spraying incident, several brawls, and a shootout.

6. Now that the Libyan rebels have gotten the upper hand, they've put over 7000 people in prisons and detention camps. Essentially everyone who didn't back them in the rebellion is being rounded up. This is an American-sponsored killing field.

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