Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jesse Jackson - Molon Labe

In Jesse Jackson's op-ed to the Sun Times, he is seemingly advocating for the banning and confiscation of assault weapons.

But we’ve come to the point where a mentally unstable person is strafing the White House with a semiautomatic assault weapon. That should startle every citizen. None of us is safe in a nation where assault weapons are readily available.
We don’t need to wait for another leader to be shot.

Jesse Jackson, you come first. I propose you be in the front rank of the SWAT team that comes to try and take our weapons. I propose that you ride in the passenger seat of the vehicles that come to haul our weapons away. I propose that you put your fat ass on the line with all of the cops who are going to die when they start the civil war you are advocating.

Because we know what unalienable means. If we let you take away our weapons, then there's nothing you can't do to us. We know it, and you know it. So let's drop the pretense. You want us disarmed so the next stage can begin.

I say begin it now, if you dare. Molon labe.

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