Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28 Bunker Index - Chariot Wheels Turning

I hope you had a good weekend and didn't get beaten up, pepper sprayed, or assaulted at a Walmart on Black Friday. I did venture out to a Gander Mountain on Saturday and picked up a gas camping stove for my upcoming trip to Texas. There wasn't a mob though and the cashier was bored. It is nice to live off the beaten bath.

I believe that stress is simply lack of faith in God, but that's no salve for my soul these days. I'm hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for this land deal to complete so I can begin building our future home and we can get moved. As I watch the news I get the feeling that there isn't a lot of time left.

I'm reminded of when the Hebrews fled Egypt. God waited until the very last moment when the Pharaoh's army was almost upon them before He allowed Moses to part the waters so the Hebrews could escape. It seems to be always so with God. No opportunity is ever lost ... they are all exercises in faith.

1. The Fed and the Big Banks have lost their battle to keep the details of the Dec 2008 bailout a secret. Now they've lost that fight and we can see what actually happened. The Fed lent banks $7.77 trillion dollars in emergency loans. The same Fed who wouldn't tell us how much money they loaned is now insisting all the money has been repaid, but many of the smaller banks are gone, eaten by the bigger banks.

2. In Seattle, Occupiers vandalized a bank causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages. They broke windows, damaged an ATM, and spraypainted the building in revenge for the police attack on Occupy Oakland.

3. A Christian woman who worked at Heathrow was harassed by Muslim coworkers about her religion. When she complained about it, she was fired. Christians, we are under attack from all fronts. We are a minority religion now, fewer in numbers than the most hostile, demon-inspired cult on the planet ... Islam.

4. A senior insurgent Taliban commander in Afghanistan is pardoned by Karzai and then given a top government job heading Islamic affairs. This is who our soldiers are dying to protect now. This is the government we've helped to build. Still support the war?

5. Infowars has now picked up the slack on S1867 and is warning people about it. They do a better job than the ACLU of outlining the specific paragraph, but it's a pretty loose interpretation. My warning to the government: We can very quickly go from hanging out yellow ribbons to support the troops to shooting the troops you use for this action against the American people. You think the war in Afghanistan and Iraq has been bloody? Wait until you invade Texas.

6. Cops assaulted a grandfather in front of his grandson during a black Friday sale that turned violent. They slammed him down headfirst into the ground so hard he was knocked unconscious and left in a pool of blood. They claim he was shoplifting but his claim was that he was simply trying to prevent other shoppers from snatching the item he'd gotten for his grandson out of his hand. And yes, it occurred at a Walmart.

7. France and Germany are reportedly printing their own currency again and preparing to take drastic measures against the collapse of the Euro.

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