Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29 Bunker Index - Angry Feet Marching in the Night

It's getting worse out there. The Obama administration is getting more flagrant with their illegal corruption, knowing that only conservatives will call them on it and that the Republican party is neutered. The Occupy movement is giving Obama a free pass, which should tell you all you need to know about who is behind it.

Black talk show hosts are now openly threatening riots if we try to reduce entitlements. Living in a remote, rural, and LOW POPULATION area sounds better than ever right about now. Whether we want to or not, we won't be able to keep up these outrageous entitlement programs forever and when they stop ... America's cities will burn.

You'd better be ready for the civil unrest which is coming down the pipe. It's something that preppers don't like to normally talk about ... race wars in America. We're more balkanized over race than anything else in America today. Whether it covers entitlement programs or illegal immigration, race is behind almost every issue.

You may think you're neutral on the topic, but you're not. You can't be. You were born with a skin color and others can perceive it. You can try to be neutral. You can try to be fair and open-minded. However someone else who has abandoned all pretense of neutrality and open-mindedness is going to see your skin color and take action against you. What are you going to do then?

1. I warned you this was coming. Police in Portland raided several homes taken over by anarchists who claimed they were part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Inside they found knives, machetes, drugs, and other weapons. With winter coming on hard and the police clearing the encampments, the occupiers aren't giving up and going out to get jobs. No, they're buckling down inside abandoned and foreclosed properties and preparing for all out war in the spring.

2. Terrorist Bill Ayers can now openly brag about his relationship with Obama. They seem to have forgotten that all through the election campaign in 2008 they denied it.

3. How do you ever hope to assimilate a people such as this? A Muslim mother sent her 9 year old son to blow himself up in a Shiite mosque. This is how they treat each other. Can you imagine what it's going to be like when we've let them all immigrate here?

4. In Iran, protestors stormed the British embassy, tore down the Union Jack and stole a portrait of the Queen. Not real clear as to what they're fuming about ... perhaps it's western civilization in general.

5. Rachel Maddow, a "journalist" made 5 trips to the White House, recently released visitor logs show. 4 of those trips were to see Obama personally. I don't think anyone ever thought of her as anything other than a crazed liberal, but it's scary to see actual evidence of how closely the Obama administration is working with the liberal media. As usual, the Obama administration fought tooth and nail to prevent the release of this information and only finally released it over Thanksgiving when they knew the news cycle would ignore it in favor of fistfights at Walmart.

6. Defying a 2010 law, Obama's department of housing and urban development awarded overe than $700k in taxpayer funds to an ACORN organization. The law is meaningless to these people.

7. Cornel West announced that the FSA will take the ultimate fight for their entitlements "in the streets". There's a veiled threat there. Give us free stuff or we'll come take it. We'll see what Mossberg has to say about that.

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Sonshine said...

I disagree with you in regards to the race wars. I do believe there will be wars, but it will be conservatives against liberals. The reason I say this is because there are so many families that are mixed in todays world that I just don't see it turning into a race thing. I do believe that we are close to seeing the day that Christians in America will be persecuted and turned into the powers that be by their neighbors and I agree that it won't be long till we see our major cities in flames and all pretense of a free country will be gone.