Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7 Bunker Index - Crackpot Fuel

And here we go yet again. This week doesn't look like to be any better than the previous weeks. The OWS movement is getting more violent while simultaneously imploding. I would have thought they would have broken apart by now due to the weather, and based on the poll results, most of you did as well. Seems there's a solid core of socialists willing to endure any hardship (except that of actual employment) in order to bring down America. I think it's going to take more than getting lice and sleeping in a tent all winter to do that though.

This week I'll be challenged to the basic tenets of stoicism ... particularly that of remaining silent when among strangers. How do you folks handle it when you have to go out into the world among unfriendly strangers? Do you discuss prepping with them or any of the pending disasters that might impact your survival? Or do you just remain silent and aloof from the crowd? Something to reflect on as this week goes by: Do we have an obligation to educate and inform those who may not wish us to do so? Do we have an obligation to warn others, even though they may think we're a crackpot?

1. Various Occupy protests around the nation are disintegrating due to drugs, alcohol, and infighting. The question is ... will they be more dangerous or less dangerous as they shake apart?

2. An earthquake rattles Oklahoma, buckling highways and causing minor damage. There's been a handful of earthquakes in unexpected locations over the past couple of months. Are they just signaling some minor movements or is this a precursor of something bigger and more dangerous?

3. In Chicago, a teenage boy beat a 55 year old woman to death ... who just happened to be an off-duty police officer. This story is pretty bizarre and is short on details.

4. Radical Muslims are on the rampage in Nigeria, shooting people and setting off bombs. Their targets of choice? Christian churches. Not a lot about this in the American media. They're too busy sniffing up Obama's butt as he sends best wishes to the Muslims on Hajj, leveling anonymous attacks against Herman Cain, and speculating on who Justin Bieber may or may not have had sex with.

5. The government ignored a 1998 report which indicated that anywhere from 6-100 airline passengers could develop cancer each year as a result of passing through the body scanners. Radiation is unsafe at ANY dose.

6. At a high school football game, dozens are sickened by an unknown agent. Authorities are baffled and claim to have not been able to find anything. More interesting ... this isn't the first time this has happened lately.

7. "Occupy" protestors announce plans to disrupt Iowa election caucuses. Yeah, this should go well. Sitting in a park and crapping on police cars is one thing ... but interfering with an election is quite another. Oh wait ... AG Eric Holder refused to charge those Black Panthers for voter intimidation. So I guess the protestors CAN get away with this after all.


Patrice said...

In regards to #3, it was the victim's grandson who beat her to death with a lamp and stabbed her with a kitchen knife. She came home and found him asleep when he was supposed to be in school.

Also did you hear they found an occupy protester dead in a tent in Indiana? They don't know what he died from yet.

Sonshine said...

In regards to the OWS movement, I don't believe we'll see it end until our major cities are in flames. I really believe this is what is going to bring America down. I just pray that there are enough Christians who are strong in their faith and are prepped to help others.