Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8 Bunker Index - Before the Dawn

Not much in the news today. Europe continues to implode, violence in the Middle East, and doom and gloom across America. In other words, same ol' same ol'.

These days are a blessing given to us by God. It's time to prepare. Are you using it thusly? Are you using these slow and easy days to get your legs under you and start getting out of Babylon? There's so much to do and the time when you really needed to have it done is going to come upon us without much warning.

1. Further signs of the degradation of our civilization ... discount abortions on Sunday.

2. More aftershocks (foreshocks?) in Oklahoma. I really hope this is just a little case of the jigglies and not a precursor to the New Madrid letting go.

3. After street vendors stopped giving them free food, the Occupy protestors in SoCal turned their wrath on them, splattering their carts with blood and urine. As usual, the Occupy apologists will come forth and say this was only a small minority of the protestors, or how that isn't happening at THEIR Occupy protest. But as events like this are happening more and more, one has to wonder if it doesn't deflect the general depraved mindset of the protestors as opposed to the actions of a small minority.

4. Violence against protestors in Syria is escalating.  I keep wondering if that's the next place Obama is going to send our military, now that Libya is "freed" and placed squarely in the arms of the Muslim Brotherhood.

5. Australia passed a new "carbon pollution tax" as a way to extract more revenue from functioning industries. As factories and facilities produce "pollution", which is also listed as carbon dioxide, they are then taxed punitively.  In other words, anyone doing anything productive will now face a heavy fine for doing so. Wait until this comes to America.

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