Friday, November 4, 2011


Well, Buddy and I made it back from Texas in one piece. That's 4,000 miles in a week. I'm beat. Buddy is beat too.

Sorry for the missed BI's this week. I'll be back on a more normal schedule coming Monday (slightly more normal) and we can keep track of the decline of empire together again.

Buddy seems to be quite happy being a family dog. I was curious how he'd take to the kids, but so far so good. We'll keep an eye on him for a bit but there's no sign of fear or aggression. He seems quite happy to be surrounded by people who want to love on him and show him attention.

I understand now why Buddy hopped in the truck. After a few days on the road together, I discovered that HE is a venerated master of the Enchiridion of Epictetus and has the old soul of a stoic. He must have recognized that I am a young student of that path and volunteered to come along with me for a ways on life's road and offer his experience and wisdom as a mentor.

Some wisdom already learned from Buddy ...

"He who catches the rabbit KEEPS the rabbit."
"Endure what must be endured with good grace and your head up high."
"Always be on the lookout for a way to improve your situation."
"Lick 'em if you've got them."


Patrice said...

Glad you and Buddy made it back safely and he's taking to the family well. :) There's nothing better than bringing home a new pal for the kids.

OD from HT said...

You should feel were chosen! Glad Buddy has decided your pack is good, too.

Sawmill Jim said...

You should of let Buddy do more of the driving . Couldn't resist