Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2 Bunker Index - The Ring of the Anvil

We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow, the first for this year. I guess it's time to see it but I'm not thrilled. I'd hoped we'd be out of here before the first snow fell. Soon though. This one is thawing already and the hard winter snows don't usually hit until late December or early January.

From my bible devotional this morning I've been praying on a specific topic and I'm coming to an understanding. I thought I'd try and share it with you in my limited way.

When the smith first picks up a piece of metal and begans to shape it in the forge and on the anvil, he has a rough idea of what it may look like. The qualities of the iron or steel are present but they require work to bring them out. Over time and with effort, the knife begins to take shape. From a rough chunk of metal to a useful tool the item takes shape. The finished product may not entirely resemble what the smith desired, but it can be a work to be proud of regardless. It can still do great work.

We all are works in progress at God's anvil. We may not know what we are to become, but God does. We strive to be ever useful to His will and plan, though we may not recognize ourselves when the crafting is complete.

Have a great weekend and God bless you all.

1. After ambushing Bachmann on a late night television show (who watches that crap?), now the band leader is saying that "Tea Party Extremists" are hurling racial slurs at him on Twitter. Of course there's no identifying them as TP members, but clearly he believes they are. Just a little more liberal stoking of the fires of racism.

2. Herman Cain is done. After allegations of sexual harassment and now a 13 year affair, Herman Cain has announced that he'll be deciding this weekend whether or not to continue with the campaign. Frankly, it's a waste of time. Whether or not the allegations were true, his handling of the situation is decidedly weak. Who is going to give money to a campaign where the candidate has to reevaluate his candidacy every time an attack is leveled against him? How did this guy EVER succeed in business if his backbone is so weak?

3. The Washington Examiner reveals yet another Obama scandal ... "Abound Solar" was given a $400 million Department of Energy Loan. The backer of that company is one of Obama's "bundlers" who raised over $160k for his inauguration. The wholesale looting of our country by the Obama administration continues.

4. Government Motors is offering a buyback deal for all Chevrolet Volts whose owners are afraid the electric cars will catch fire. How symbolic that the flagship product for the newly nationalized automobile manufacturer will burn your house down and now is being forced to return all the money they received for this piece of crap.

5. American police officers will now be operating in Canada. Canadians are reportedly concerned. They should be! Look at all the abuses Americans are suffering at the hands of American cops.

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Sonshine said...

It really shocks me how many people Iknow are so against Herman Cain. Guess this is one area that we have to disagree on, but I still luv ya. :)