Friday, December 9, 2011

Michael O. Anderson

Michael Anderson has been "arrested". Read this firsthand report of how the FBI came for him.

The information I have received is that Michael Anderson has been detained as a witness and they are trying to force him to sign some documents that are not true. They are holding him in an effort to break him.

Previously the FBI failed to stick conspiracy charges against these Alaskan militia members. They had no case. In all likelihood, there never was any conspiracy. This is our false flag government attempting to manufacture a conspiracy regarding armed militia members. Much like they tried to use Gunwalker to manufacture a causus belli for more gun laws.

Get the word out. Everyone needs to know about this.

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suvalley said...

Fairbanks is well known for it's brand of patriotism :) You might look up Joe Vogler too. (Met Joe years ago up there, as it happens)

It is the seat of the Alaska Independence Party also. There isn't much chatter about this because folks are being careful. Anderson made a lot of mistakes.