Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9 Bunker Index - Flight of the Albatross

Well, the movers came by this morning and are now preparing estimates. We may be able to leave as soon as Monday. That means I have an ENORMOUS amount of packing to finish up. My workshop is in the same state of disarray that it always is. I have food stockpiles that need to be dispersed. I have a lot of stuff that needs to be stacked, piled, and readied for loading.

My ancestors, who piled everything in a Conestoga wagon, would be shocked to find that even as we move into a simpler and more austere lifestyle, it STILL takes a United truck to get us to that life. I think most of the stuff we're paying a small fortune to move will end up being tossed as we carve away the irrelevant stuff over the next couple of years, but right now it's got to be dealt with.

I'm going to have to suspend the news updates for a few days, but I'll keep up the posting as much as possible and give you instead updates on the moving experience.


Gene said...


OD from HT said...

In light of what's going on...I hope you have personally packed all your food stores and such in plain brown boxes, so the movers don't see it. Leave the dirty socks and sofa for the movers to deal with. I'd hate to hear that the government started requiring movers to pass along the inventories and addresses of their clients.

Ernest said...

That is very good advice!

The representatives of the moving companies who are bidding to be the official relocators of Case de Ernesto have already seen the depleted food cache this morning. They were informed that it's all going to a food pantry.

I'd be surprised if the government isn't already requiring movers to keep those records. After all, we have to sign a document certifying that all 7,000 pounds of our belongings are free of any Gypsy Moth eggs.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for safe travels. I don't envy you the move, but do envy you the location you're moving to. I love Texas, it has a tendency to grow on folks.

Blue Duck said...

may the blessings of Almighty God be upon you and your family in this move.

shoot me an email when ya get settled..... and when ya get internet service.