Thursday, December 8, 2011

Texan Proud

This story helped me feel better about the type of people I'll run into in Texas.

Some of them atheistic socialists in Wisconsin sent a letter to a small Texas town who put up a nativity scene. They demanded it be taken down because it offends them (all the way up in Wisconsin). The county commissioner Joe Hall said:

“We’ll remove it when hell freezes over,” Hall said. “It’s not going to happen.”

I like that guy.

As a side note, our move to Texas is being pushed forward very aggressively. Initially the plan was that I'd go down first and build a cabin so we'd be more comfortable. My wife has announced she's willing to endure the hardships with me in true pioneer spirit and so it looks like we'll all be going down together next week to begin.

We'll be living in an RV for awhile and the first week is going to be brutal while we get water and septic set up. After that life will get a little easier and we'll get started on the attached cabin to give us some dry, secure space to spread out in besides just the RV. I am very thrilled and excited to begin.


Dyson said...

Having an RV on standby seems like a good plan even when the cabin is done... Also makes guest quarters, never who know who might drop by one day...

Ernest said...

That's sort of been my thought process on it.

It's not an inexpensive item, but it serves a lot of purposes. After we get the main house done then we'll have the cabin and the RV as a guesthouse. Or I could sell the RV at that point and get back part of my money.

Worst case, we can always keep the RV as sort of a bugout trailer for the future if we're ever forced off our land or make a decision to go elsewhere.

So with excess cash on hand it seemed like a good decision. At worst I try and sell it later.

Anonymous said...

I would be lost without our RV. We've used it during military moves. That way we always had a place we could call home. These days it's set up in our backyard as a place for my DS to camp out with his friends. DH takes them out there to give me a break. Since it's paid for, I know I'll always have a roof over the heads of my family. Also, like you said, it's a great bug out vehicle. We keep ours well stocked at all times.

Gene said...

A buried 55 gallon drum and some perf pipe makes a quick septic, and a tank on a stand for gravity flow water, and you are in business!

When my parents moved us into the sticks, it was in a single wide mobile home, and that's how we did it. The second thing done was a 20x20 add on to the mobile, add we lived in there fire a couple years as dad built the house. The mobile and add on became storage/workshop.

Can't say I would move to a dry place like TX, but moving to be self sufficient just takes a settled mind and willingness to work, and with your wife on board, is going to be a grand adventure!

Patrice said...

Congrats on the closing and the opportunity to move the whole family at one time. Aw....up and leaving "us" just when they sentenced Blago to 14 years. J/K, I knew you wanted to "escape from Illinois" ASAP and being able to move the entire family at once will be easier on all of you. Don't forget to let me know when you are ready for your bartered items to be sent down.