Saturday, January 7, 2012


Not making much headway today. Yesterday my wife's van had a flat tire. Big mesquite thorn in it. She may have gotten off the blazed path from the paved road to the house and encountered a pokey long enough to pierce the tire. I have the feeling we haven't seen the last of that happening.

Today my truck started having some problems. The ABS light is blinking and it won't go into gear straight from park. I have to put it into neutral and start it and then switch to drive. The turn signals went out at the same time so I'm suspecting some sort of electrical problem. I've had all sorts of electrical problems with that truck over the past few years.

BUT I did get the nest box hatch and the rest of the roost bars up on the chicken coop and got about half of the loft staircase finished. Tomorrow I'm going to build a landing and get the second stair stringer up. If I can get that accomplished prior to Monday then I'm happy as a clam.

We also measured out the walls for the bathroom and started discussing kitchen cabinet solutions. Sometimes we have to stop the actual doing and get a little planning in, despite my desire to go-go-go!

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HermitJim said...

Just a little planning should not get in the way of the go-go-going, right?

Sometimes the best plan may be the one in your imagination!

Have a good day!