Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13 Bunker Index - Superstitious?

It's Friday the 13th, which I probably wouldn't know except I'm compiling the BI. I don't pay a lot of attention to dates. Are you the superstitious sort? Going to stay home all day?

Europe seems to be in for a run of more bad luck as the S&P gets ready to downgrade them. Not sure what that will do, if anything. Your credit can get pretty bad before people stop loaning you money. And so long as there's someone willing to loan you the money, what do you care? Spend, spend, spend!

We've had a slight cold snap here over the past couple of days. It dropped down slightly below freezing last night and is expected to do so again tonight. We're not well insulated so we're burning a lot of propane to keep warm. I'm thinking today I'm going to run to town and see what they have in the way of woodburning stoves for the cabin. That would help somewhat and further our ability to divest ourselves of this incredibly uncomfortable RV.

Stay alert this weekend and if you're traveling, be careful not to get snowed in anywhere. It's nasty up north, I hear. And be double careful if you're a teenager vacationing at a remote lakeside camp.

1. Private companies and law enforcement have teamed up to create an enormous database of license plates and driver locations. The technology available to tyrants today is something Stalin only dreamed about.

2. Amish men go to jail over their refusal to put orange reflectors on their horse-drawn buggies. I'm really torn on this one. My desire to uphold their right to their religious convictions in the face of a draconian government is battling with my desire not to plow into the back of a dark buggy on some backroad.

3. The Obama administration has been increasing the national debt by $4.24 BILLION per day. We're never going to survive this.

4. Snow is now descending upon the Midwest. This winter has been ridiculously mild so far but now it looks like the correction has arrived.

5. After all the drama, we're about to hit the debt ceiling AGAIN. Our government is like a crackhead promising himself that the next hit will be the last one.

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Dyson said...

I am a conscientious objector to this debt.