Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17 Bunker Index - In Celebration of the Small Men

You probably noticed my absence yesterday. No, I was not celebrating MLK day. Despite years of public education propaganda, I know that MLK was little more than a socialist. You want to see some civil rights heroes? How about the white people who were clubbed with batons or sprayed with fire hoses in defense of a racial group they were not a part of? Marching for your own rights is all well and good, but it doesn't make you a hero. Marching for someone else's is glorious.

Yesterday I was running late as we set about painting the cabin. The wife and kids did most of the work but it still threw me way off my schedule. Before I knew it the time was 5pm and I still hadn't done the BI, which at that point was moot.

I guess it didn't matter. Not a whole lot happened over the weekend. The European Union is still on the verge of disintegrating. I'm expecting Greece to finally splinter off sometime this week. I can't imagine that they're just going to hang on forever. They won't accept Germany's austerity plan and Germany won't loan them any more money. Greek bond debt has already been marked down 60% which means they're more or less desperate to salvage that debt. And when Greece goes, can Italy and Ireland be far behind?

I'm not sure that is going to impact us here in the states. At least not until it devolves into yet another world war and our government institutes a draft ... just like they did in the last two world wars. I'm just not sure how our government is going to spin it as our patriotic duty to help Greek citizens retire at 50 with full pay and benefits when almost all of our senior citizens expect to be Walmart greeters after social security has been pillaged and their 401k plans have been looted.

1. Planned Parenthood's solution for Africa ... kill more Africans. Apparently disease, famine, and war have some new competition.

2. Italian rescuers desperately search for survivors in a tragic cruise ship accident. Yesterday on the radio I heard the head of the Italian rescue agency say "In our own way we are searching very hard." Somehow that didn't sound very comforting. It comes across like they're searching all the brothels, coffee shops, and pasta houses.

3. Denver PD now has a drone. They paid $14,000 for this sucker which will soon be peeping in your windows, Denver citizens. The militarization of the police continues.

4. Germany rejects yet another Greek deal. In case you missed it last week, Greece is sinking fast and is about to leave the EU. What will follow is Greek hyperinflation and ultimately war (if history is any guide.)

5. Egypt has asked the IMF for billions. The same country that is implementing Sharia law, murdering Christians, and raping women in the street now wants a handout so it can continue all of those things.


OD from HT said...

I also find disturbing that the EU is trying to get Hungry to change the laws they have passed for their own country. The EU wants Budapest to "retreat within 6 days" because they don't agree with the Hungarian law. I just find that very disturbing (maybe because we use to live there). http://www.hatc.hu/sample_article.php?sid=12616

Last I knew, part of that "law" was that Hungry was tightening their belt more then the EU wanted them to in their banking practices.

HermitJim said...

It's getting harder and harder to keep watch on all the goings on in Europe anymore!

Bad days ahead for those folks, I reckon!

Of course, we may be next!

Sonshine said...

There's no doubt that we'll be next. We're going down the exact same path as Europe, only at an accelerated rate.