Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19 Bunker Index - Bleak Wilderness Outside the Door

I do not like the cities. I feel oppressed and jumpy. They are an assault on all of the sense ... too dirty, too flashy, too loud, too smelly. I believe I have largely accomplished God's goal in getting us out to a place where we can life sustainably and free and though much work remains, it is mine to do. So I wonder how much longer I shall hold on to my corporate life of income and travel. God willing, it will not be for very much longer. I have little to no interest in going forth from my farm now. The farm work just gets further behind and I have a lot of knife orders that need to be accomplished. To the point that I wonder if the knife work will keep me in frijoles now that the major expenses are gone from my life.

I am praying for guidance on this topic. Babylon is getting ready to burst and it is past time for me to unhitch my wagon from it.

1. A recent article in the AMA Journal is making waves ... it seems to advocate making participation in vaccine trials MANDATORY. So if the pharmaceutical companies have an experimental drug and they can't get enough volunteers, and your doctor diagnoses you with a disease that drug is for, you could be forced to undergo experimental treatment whether you want to or not.

2. A recent report puts the average age of the American automobile at 10.8 years due to the declining economy. I'm actually rather impressed. I would have thought the ill-conceived "cash for clunkers" would have done in all the old heaps. I drive a 1990 Ford F-150. It's got a new engine and a new transmission but it keeps right on ticking. The rust from the salted roads up north is probably going to eventually kill it, but for now I'm very happy with my old truck.

3.  The government is allowing the importation of over 80,000 M1 Garand rifles from South Korea. While they are relics, I want a couple. It's a very fine weapon and was designed to kill the soldiers of tyrannical governments. Nuff said?

4. Iran is threatening to torpedo U.S. aircraft carriers if strikes are carried out against its nuclear sites. It seems as if yet another war in the Middle East is all but unavoidable at this point.

5. Lawmakers are retreating from the SOPA bill in response to the outrage of internet-using Americans. Don't you wish we could harness this outrage for no-knock raids, anti-gun laws, and the murder of the unborn?


OD from HT said...

Thanks you! On this gloomy day with DH down in South America, #3 and #5 brought big smiles to my face and heart!! So where does one go to learn how to make knives?? That sounds like something my DS would love to learn (and a nice skill to have in the family!)

HermitJim said...

I've always had a lot of respect for knife makers.

Good knives are one of those things you never have enough of!

Maybe someday you could post a couple of pictures of your work!

InvalidID said...

Hey Ernie, we've been working on an experimental cure for for folks that are trying to force experimental drugs on us. It's a hot lead injection. Alternatively there is a cold steel injection as well. With either cure a follow up injection may be needed, but both appear to be very effective in animal trials.

As for harnessing the outrage... It'll be a lot easier to do now that the internet using public has been awakened... I think. Just need to get a good PR campaign running.