Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18 Bunker Index - To Blackout or Not

So initially I wasn't going to participate in this "internet blackout" protest that is being conducted today. Not that I'm FOR the government's heavy hand controlling the internet, but because I don't believe a blackout will have much impact. Then I began to read a little more about the SOPA act and began to see it as the complete framework of tyranny that the new American regime would need in order to get control of the internet. Don't like what some blogger is posting? Claim his host posted some copyrighted material and shut the entire site down. His blog pops up somewhere else? Seize the domain name as part of a never-ending investigation. It's a brilliant piece of tyranny. Entire forums or blogs can be eradicated until only shopping, porn, and government propaganda is available.

So then I began to think about what kind of statement me posting just a black picture would make. By not making a statement I would be making a statement. If I simply didn't post today then you might think I'd just gotten very busy and wasn't able to.

So while I'm sending out a few news articles today, I am more or less participating in this "blackout", even though I might post again later today. Some rumors are circulating that the SOPA has been killed but I'm not entirely sure they are true. How do you kill the tyrannical mind that was behind it? Even if they kill this bill, won't the tyrants just slip it into some other legislation when we aren't paying attention? The only way to truly end the threat is to drag the people who were behind it into a court for high treason. Enemies foreign AND domestic, in case some of you have forgotten how the oath runs.

So the blackout will go on today and then tomorrow it will be business as usual. If the bill does indeed go through then you will see nothing for awhile and then slowly some of your favorite websites will disappear or have all dissident content purged. The tyrants are still putting the pieces into place so you will not see much happening on the surface, but once all the framework is there it will happen overnight.

Watch for it.

1. 4 Middle Eastern males beat a young man to death in Philadelphia. For the crime of yelling at a cab when they happened to be nearby. Welcome to Dhimmitude in America.

2.In New York, police are soon to be testing some new technology that will do a "virtual pat down" of people walking on the street. This gun-scanning technology can be used to detect guns hidden on a person. The police claim they'll only use it in "reasonably suspicious circumstances" which is a lie from the beginning. They'll park on the corner and scan everyone who walks by. When pressed as to how it violates civil liberties, they claim it will also detect suicide bombers. Because we've had a lot of problems with those here in the states?

3. The drug cartels have now started beheading their victims in America. This was once something that only happened in the lawless regions of Mexico, but thanks to unrestricted illegal immigration (brought to you by the last two presidents) we're now seeing it here.

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