Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24 Bunker Index - Rekindling the Flame

Of late I have lost a lot of enthusiasm for politics and current events. Yesterday I had to drive to Dallas and over the course of the three hours I listened to some talk radio. Does it seem to you that the democratic process of choosing a Republican contender to face off against Obama has been turned into a version of "American Idol" or "Dancing With the Stars?"

Self-appointed media judges critique every gaffe and sound byte from the contenders and then place some sort of score against their "electability". This is a complete charade.

I don't need a republic; I already live in a kingdom. My king is Christ. I say no to the tyrants who would have me because I have already been bought and paid for with my savior's blood.

I have a new catchphrase I've been using whenever someone tries to explain to me why my lifestyle is too difficult or too harsh.

"Rattle your chains elsewhere. I care not for the prattle of slaves."

Feel free to use it yourself.

1. A judge forces a woman to decrypt her laptop so that the files may be used against her. You didn't protect the 2nd Amendment, so why are you now surprised that even the 5th is falling?

2. Texas ranchers along the border are now reportedly arming themselves against the cartels. If our government does not protect us, then what good is it?

3. According to market reports, India is now going to pay Iran in gold for the oil it purchases. Supposedly so will China. OPEC's petrodollar was the last real support propping up our worthless currency. Look out for hyperinflation now.

4. We're having the strongest solar radiation storm in 7 years. I'm not too alarmed by this. It's getting a lot of press but we had one just like it 7 years ago. Technology hasn't changed that radically. Still, it hits us sometime today.

5. UK, US, and France are sending warships through the Strait of Hormuz. This is a very public message to Iran, who has promised to prevent this. War is inevitable at this point.


InvalidID said...

We must have had some sort of mind meld this morning. Not only have I been thinking the same thing about the primaries, and made a Simon joke to my wife last night; but 3 of the 5 things on your list are things I've been watching pretty closely.

When we start thinking the same thing and watching the same news I wonder... Is it getting very obvious? Will more and more people start thinking like this?

Ernest said...

You tend to watch the economic situation pretty closely while I'm more keen on the military and grid disruptions. I guess it's simply the nature of our own personal interests.

I can tell that it's getting obvious that the system is about to crack primarily by how shrill the opposition to our mindset has become. People are extremely agitated by any discussion along these lines, which I take to mean that they see it too but would rather pretend it doesn't exist.